Pessoa the Pale

Pessoa the Pale

Species: Human
Type: Powerful Empath and Oracle

Strength *
Constitution  *
Agility *
Intelligence  *
Education  *
Charisma *
Empathy **
Initiative *
Move  *
Skill/Dam  *
Hits  *
Appear *

* – Human like

** – Extraordinary

Documented Notes

According to the Clive Barker’s The Night Breed Chronicles, Pessoa is a breed that longs for a normal like.  Apparently a concubine or something, Pessoa has a second mouth where his left eye should be.  It only open on occasion and when it does, it speak prophetic truth that comes true within a day. “I was loved, until I spoke the truth.”

Add-ins & Elaborations

Obviously a very power Empath with precognition powers.  

Natural Weapons/Abilities


Supernatural Weapons/Abilities




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