07 – Picture Cards

07 – Picture Cards

The Picture Cards
(Portions of pg. 124-125 – Masterbook)Also known as the jokers, the picture cards are special cards that can be used in several ways. When a character is dealt a particular picture card, it has the results described below. In Star Wars, they have specific meanings, and they are listed below. You can translate that into D6 if you like.

The ‘Wild’ Card

When a character gets the wild card, he can look through this chapter and use the card as any card in the deck except another picture card. In addition, the character does not have to decide what card the wild card will be until he needs it. The wild card is used exactly like whatever card it becomes. Used the same as Masterbook.

wildThe ‘Interloper’ Card

When a character is given this card, it must be played face up as if it were a subplot (red) card. Sometime during the adventure (hopefully soon, but the timing is up to the gamemaster), a “third party” should show up. The third party might show up to help the player characters, the gamemaster characters, or to pursue their own interests. When they show up, the card is discarded, and they act normally. Used the same as Masterbook.


The Disaster Cad

When a character draws this card, something really bad happens – not necessarily to the character, but in general. If this card comes up outside of combat or in a situation where it is unlikely something bad would happen, then the player should put it in front of him and draw another card (as if it were a subplot card). When the gamemaster can work the disaster in, the card is discarded and something bad happens. Used the same as Masterbook.


The “Opportunity” Card

This cards is somewhat the reverse of the disaster card when it is drawn by a player. The player puts the card into his hand and works it into his pool as if it were an enhancement card. When the player wants, and when the card pool rules allow, he can throw the card and receive an opportunity. The best description is that the cards is a thematic cross between an idea card and a breakthrough card. The bounds of the opportunity should be up to the gamemaster, but the actual execution depends on the player and the character. Used the same as Masterbook.


The General Cards

These cards are considered “setting specific.” For Star Wars, they have specifics meanings. The “Cube” Card or “Holocron” Card is the Jedi Force Card. The “Spiral” or “Vortex” Card is the Dark Jedi Force Card. Each have their own effect on play during rounds. A player can play this card like any other Enhancement Card, but the effects depend on whether the player is Force sensitive of not. The effects if the cards if pulled up in initiative apply to the entire group.


  • Jedi Force Card: Can only be played once in an Adventure. Once played, it must be set aside from everything else until the adventure is over. This card when played by a players, effects that “side”.If the player character involved in the situation, whether it be in combat or out-of-rounds, is Force Sensitive , then all players may re-roll any 6s at least once in all rolls for that action. The Wild Die and any character points spent are the only dice that can be rolled more than once.

If the player character involved is a Jedi, all 6s can be re-rolled as many times as they come up.

If the player character is Non-Force Sensitive, only up to three 6s may be re-rolled once. Also, when played or drawn in initiative, a Force Sensitive may reject the bonus of the card, and in exchange, drop a Dark Side point.

If drawn during initiative, the following things happen:

      • All Jedis Re-Roll all 6s as many times as they come up
      • All Force Sensitives Re-Roll all 6s not rolled on Character point dice and Wild dice just once.
      • All non-Force Sensitives Re-Roll up to 3-6s not rolled on Character point die or Wild Dice.

The Card is then removed from the deck for that session.

  • Dark Jedi Force Card: Can only be played once in an Adventure. Once played, it must be set aside from everything else until the adventure is over. This card when played by a players, effects that “side”. When played, the players are tempted by the Dark Side. When drawn in initiative, all characters are tempted by the Dark Side. It can act like a Jedi Force Card if the player so chooses, however they receive a Dark Side point for accepting the power of the Dark Side. However, the Dark Side has it’s wrath, and this card represents the coldest manifestation of the Dark Side. If they reject the temptation, any 1s rolled during that round, not including the Wild Die, are not counted in the roll, and the Wild Die results in a complication (as opposed to the other options). This counts for all rolls for that character during that round or action.
    If the card is drawn in initiative, the same things happens if it was a Force Card, however the player has a choice to use it, and if they do, they gain a Dark Force Point.

Notes on DROIDS: Because a droid character can not receive Dark Side points, the penalty for the Dark Jedi Force Card will have to be different for the Droid character. It will cost the Droid 5 Character Points to use the benefits of the Dark Jedi Force Card.

The Blank Card

There are two blank cards in the Action Deck. These are for the gamemaster’s use. Take them out before play. You can use them by creating new enhancement, subplot, or picture cards. Used the same as Masterbook.

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