Pimbrellan League

Pimbrellan League

Fanatical Theocracratic Syndicate.

Location: Kathol Outback

Seven world coalition of cultist who believe fanatically that the meek will inherit the universe; if the wait through and passively let major events happen, they will be the ones to pick up the pieces. They are very xenophobic and isolationist.  they have a small fleet of Old Republic corvettes.

The Pimbrellan League was a coalition of three planets that was located in the Kathol Outback at the end of the Sebiris Run. The League was settled decades before the Battle of Endor by devotees to Pinacism. The planets of the League were Dolstan, Swedlan, and Bresan. Each world established self-sufficient nation-states, and a small industrial base for the production of comlinks, satellites, hover vehicles and droids. Education was an important part of Pimbrellan society, and the Pinacist leaders were highly educated.

The League maintained a small navy of corvettes to protect their member worlds from pirates and slavers. Unlike many of the Outback’s denizens, the League kept track of events in the galaxy using agents on Gandle Ott. Since they were Pinacists, they believed it was their destiny to sit out the grand events of history, then emerge to pick up the pieces. Gathering intelligence gave them clues as to when this should be. As the Empire fell, debate grew as to whether or not this was the “The Event” that would see them return to the galaxy and fulfill their destiny.


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