Planet: Alpha Dawn

Planet: Alpha Dawn

Alpha Dawn is an Earth like planet where the first Frontier humans are said to have originated from.  Alpha Dawn is still a thriving colony but has long been forgotten by those in the Frontier.  It has developed into a strong tyrannical governed world, ruled by a fanatical ruler who leads with a iron first.  Some would say it is almost fascist.  It is a strong isolationist world now, as well as highly xenophobic.  The current government refuses to recognize the existence or the authority of multi-species alliances or coalitions.

Over the centuries, AD has developed into a fully developed world, strictly governed by the effective and ruthless fascist government.  Humans on this world had gone through millennia of hardship and harsh environmental challenges.  This resulted in definite physical, mental and social differences between the “pure strain” human of the Frontier and Dawner humans.

The physical changes stem from a high stress environment, creating a high metabolism and tougher mental state.  Some would compare them to Saurons in that way.  They have quicker healing, strong adaptive systems, heightened senses, and muscles.  They are physically larger than the standard Frontier human. Mentally,  they are emotionless and cold;  smart and calculating; logical and tactical.   Most would see their society as harsh and unforgiving.  Only the most fit survive – a very Darwinian society.

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