Playtesting “Horrors on Mountain Lake”

Playtesting “Horrors on Mountain Lake”

Playtesting for the first time, the adventure I have been writing.  Back in the day, I came up with a rough concept that I ran twice.  Both times were in CoC (whatever version was published that year) and both went very well.  It became known as the “spider adventure”  or “vampire adventure.”  Without, getting too much into the plot, both spiders and vampires were involved, but in what I think is a twisted way.

I decided this time to go with Savage Worlds, Realms of Cthulhu.  I want to publish this under multiple rulesets – CoC and RoC to begin with.

At the same time, I am playtesting the clear combat tiles prototype by Impudent Mortals.

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05/22/2015 – First session, 6 players.  Intro and first encounters in Sheerneck.

This session went very well.  A couple of players had some but little experience with Cthulhu/Lovecraftian Horror and one had none.  In fact, that one does not like horror in general (primarily slasher horror).  3 are gamers I have only gamed with for less than a year, one is a professional freelance writer in the industry, and another is an old friend that enjoys my Cthulhu games any time I run them.  My wife rounded the group out,  and admittedly she is biased.


This session had a strong feel of pulpy horror going in.  The players definitely got into the characters I created for them.  I think that is part of what is making this game so good.  Here is a list of the characters I made.

  • Jake Callahan – Great War veteran with a sordid past with the mob.  He has black outs occasionally but is getting those under control.
  • Sebastian “Coop” Cooper – African American strong-arm and mechanic.  Works for the mob and is a friend of Jake’s.
  • Blythe Alexander – Independent female private investigator, she is feisty and curious.
  • Dieter Muller – German scientist who has a thing for Blythe.  He has some secrets about the War, when he was on the wrong side.
  • Inessa Turov – Mountaineering friend of Jake’s, she is a Russian that escaped the Revolution.
  • Chloe Campbell – Adventure and explorer, she has seen a little too much while in the wilds of South America.

After getting hired, the explored the first location I set up for the adventure, discovered the sordid politics and had a few minor creepy moments.  Saving the more creepy stuff for the journey in the next session.  Much fun was had and the players were ready for the next session.

05/29/2015 – Journey up the mountain. 

4 years ago, I would have never imagined gaming on this night but that was then and this is now.  Moved on.  Anyway, Second night went well, with more creepiness and little to no combat.  Fun role play, which is what I like in a good Cthulhu game.

This session was a little slower than the first.  Perhaps because I had a combat session at the end of the first.  This one was more about discovery, and creepy or horrific encounters that the players had little control over.  Maybe that is my problem.  They might have felt railroaded because they had no control over certain events. Something to think about.

Next Session 6/12/2015


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