Project Tor 1: Asteroid of Terror (Playtest)

Project Tor 1: Asteroid of Terror (Playtest)

Date: September 10, 2021 & September 18, 2021

First live games since COVID 19 started!! Glad to get back to live gaming! Done with living in fear!

Inspired by the movie, Island of Terror, with a little influence from Event Horizon, I put together a series of crafts and a new adventure to take the characters into a new aspect of this con campaign I developed. An overview of the last two trilogies and where it has brought us:

Campaign – The Legacy of the Führer

Part 1: Man in the Moon

This campaign found the data related to Die Glocke and the first technology the War-era Reich explored – Nanites primarily used to repair equipment and generate tools. Unfortunately, in their ignorance, they corrupted it with severe consequences. Other technologies touched on was the engine core (teleported them to another dimension – related this to the Bermuda Triangle. Also introduced the mulitverse).

Part 2: Fallen Angel

This campaign explored the bio-material found at the crash site in 1939. They found bodies and with these, the War-era Reich experimented on them. This of course to more dire consequences but could be the building blocks of an Immortality Syndrome.

Part 3: Project Tor

This will explore the final threat – the Reich getting interstellar travel. Will they? Or will the Tower stop them?

16 Psyche asteroid has disappeared for 47 days and returned nearly in the same orbit. Tower sends agents to explore.

I ran this twice. The first night was more abstract and a simple run through, while the second time was much more involved and a full run-through. Great players all around. Introduced my Suspicion mechanic but I need to make some markets for those. Additionally, I want to make hacking a little more involved. I started making something for it but I am not pleased with it. Too clunky. I may just make it two roles – Defeating Security and Data Retrieval.

The story has different endings, I realize now. I have created a situation that kind of outs the characters in a tricky situation. There is a threat but there is an peaceful way out of it, if all things come together. In most cases though, most players will go the easy route and blow things up.

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