Project Tor 2: Void of Terror (Playtest)

Project Tor 2: Void of Terror (Playtest)

Date: February 25, 2022

I had to re-write this may times. I knew what elements I wanted in the last 2 parts of this trilogy but not sure how to go about it and each time, it turned way more epic than a 4 hour session could handle OR it was too contrived. So I decided to do a couple of things – establish a “safe house” concept for Tower agents and introduce a second team that will eventually fail at the other task. Initially, I also was not going to allow the players to know it was linked directly to the previous adventure (Asteroid of Terror) but decided against that. In the end, I really liked how it turned out.

The playtest was shorter than I wanted but it was late Friday and people were not entirely awake enough to go late night. That’s what I get for running games for mostly 50+ year olds at 7 PM Friday night.

I introduced the Flesh Forger concept in the first adventure – aliens that use flesh as a raw material. I cross between the Borg and John Carpenters The Thing. This adventure takes it to the next level and into a Invasion of the Body Snatchers aspect.

It goes from the “lovely” beaches of the Nassau (Fort Fincastle pictured) to the Moon. In the end, the group has to stop the invasion of the flesh forging body snatchers.