Protodimension: Circuit

Protodimension: Circuit

Continutity: 2

Type: Half-land

Assimilation: x2 Damage (Law of Pain)

Circuit is a strange protodimension of Tharkold. It has some similarities to Airborne , in the way of “land forms.” Circuit has several large land-forms suspended in a maelstrom of electric pulsing energy. These land forms are shaped like junctions on a circuit board and range in size from a city block to s continent. Beyond the land masses is the Electrovoid, a grey-black cloud mass of mystical storm clouds, surrounding all that exists within Circuit. The storm clouds emil the maelstrom of electric pusles that surround eachland forms which then travel to the next and then next like electicity along a circuit board, only much more powerful. From inside a structure on the land mass, it simply appears asa very strong thunderstorm.

Circuit is a protodimension belonging to the Tharkold Core Ream. it is currently dominated by the Lords of Tharkold. Tharkold is assimilating protodimensions to its likeness and unders its Laws one by one. The primary of those Laws is the Law of Pain. This Law effects anyone who travels with their dominated realm. Depending on the protodimension after a designated time, a dimensional traveller begins to fell himself change according to the Laws of Pan. As a result, any damage taken is doubled. But one can not die in this realm from this damage, only feel the pain of it.

Now it wants to move on to other Core dimensions like ours.

Locations within Circuit: Father Razorflesh’s Complex – The Tabernacle

A base of operations for Father Razorflesh’s invasion of Ohio. Humans from Columbus are taken, altered, conditioned, cybered and returned to Earth to spread the Word of Law – Law of Pain.



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