Ascorbite Scraver, played by Dawson Kriska



Q’t-t’k (Ascorbite Scraver)

Future Histories: Imperial Space.


Tech Level: Fourth Stellar Age.

Social Status: Well-to-Do, Commoner/Not of a Noble Line

These folk are the upper end of the middle class. They typically own larger homes, have a household servant (a cook and/or maid), have conspicuous private transportation, and travel abroad (including interplanetary or interstellar travel). They often own more than one well-appointed home in more than one city. Their children are privately educated and attend prominent universities. Luxuries include elegant furnishings, artwork, libraries, parties, fine clothing, and some exotic foods. This class includes younger offspring of Nobility, highly skilled craftsmen and technicians, high-ranking military officers, successful merchants, ship owners, high-ranking clergy of prominent religions, high-level office and government workers.

Roleplay: Outward appearances are often the be-all and end-all of this Social Status and these folk may try to act like they are Wealthy. A strong tendency hereto look on lower Social Statuses as something bordering on “unclean” and to attempt to associate only with those of equal or higher status. Of all Social Statuses, Well-to-Do folk are probably the least tolerant of their children becoming adventurers (“What will the neighbors think?”).

Birth & Family: Legitimacy: Legitimate Birth.  Family: Aunt and Uncle. Siblings & Birth Order: sixth of 6

Place of Birth: Home World (Severus). (Swamps, covered by endless marshes and swamps. Earthlike world. Much water, large land masses.)

Unusual Births: Two unusual occurrences – Father believes the character is not his child, but the offspring of another man (whether true or not).{because of the lack of connection to the hive mind }. Character was put up for adoption upon birth. {Given to aunt and uncle}

Significant Events of Childhood:  A mysterious, but benevolent alien rewards the character for a selfless deed. The character receives part (only part) of the plans for a marvelous device – Battle Armor. This powered armor protects against damage and the vacuum of space, enhances physical abilities, and provides several types of weaponry.

Significant Events of Childhood: Character serves a Patron. In the Service of a Ascorbite SCRAVER. Why? The patron needs the character’s skills. The patron loves the character like family. Teaches the secrets of the Scraver trade.

Significant Events of Adulthood: Character acquires a Rival. Oldest Brother dislikes the character because he’s detached from the hivemind.


Parent 1: Uncle

Occupation:  Shipwright (a builder of sea sailing vessels).

Noteworthy Items: Parent has 5 jilted ex-lovers.  He was poly-amorous

Parent 2: Aunt (deceased)

Occupation: Hunter(she stalks wild game, providing both food and clothing.)

Noteworthy Items: Aunt has a Rival. The Rival seeks out the character.

Who?: A former lover/love interest/crush. Why?: An insult was perceived by one or the other. What?: Friendly: Rival and character can still be friends. Rival enjoys competing against the character. Rival may even remain a good friend. (Aunt was poly-amorous as well)

Noteworthy Items: NPC untimely dies. The deceased sacrificed his or her life – To save a relative whose life was endangered by someone’s actions. {She died protecting your character from hive-minds that wanted to kill you }

{Siblings are the adopted brothers and sisters your aunt and uncle took on}

Sibling 1 (brother):

Appearances: Out-of-date clothing. The characters clothing is from an earlier time period.

Occupation: Government Official: Police chief {tribal enforcer}

Noteworthy Items: Brother is particularly loving towards family.

Sibling 2 (brother):

Occupation: Research Scientist: Chemistry {Alchemist}

Noteworthy Items: Devotes time to a hobby, gambling.  Sporadic and Variable.

Noteworthy Items: Brother is noted for his extremely unusual personality. He is nown to be very bloodthirsty – Seems to enjoy combat just a little too much, particularly when blood is spilled.  He is also known to have a deficiency in his natural Ascorbite immunities and is also highly sensitive to Solar Radiation.

Sibling 3 (sister):

Occupation: Contractor: oversees the construction of private and public buildings.  However she is known to have contacts in the resistance and the Ascorbite underworld. She has been known to steal for them.

At one point, this sister participates in a large heist, only to have his partners vanish with the loot. There were 3 others involved and the valuables have never reappeared.  {These were Decados valuables}

Exotic Personality Traits: She too inherited the natural immunity deficiency.

Sibling 4 (brother) (not connected to hive mind):

Occupation: Craftsman.  Fine Artist: paints murals and potraits, sculpts statues.

Noteworthy Items: NPC won’t speak of something that occurred in the past.

Noteworthy Items: NPC is noted for his extremely unusual personality.

Exotic Personality Traits: He struggles with Kleptomania and is also known to be a glutton (Character eats like there is no tomorrow, whether he is hungry or not.)

Noteworthy Items: NPC was horribly wounded once.  Left antennae is torn or cut off.

Sibling 5 (sister) (deceased):

Occupation: Medical Doctor, General Practioner

Noteworthy Items: Character loses her job.  She was fired for malpractice {treating those not connected to the hive mind, namely you and your brother sibling #4}.

Noteworthy Items: She untimely dies. Victim is thrown into prison {for the malpractice} and later dies there – the victim was imprisoned.

GM Notes 5/1/2013

Other Songs

Q’k-t’k’s brother (sibling 4), one time, said that after his horrible wound that separated him from the hive mind, he could hear other Songs.  Some Songs were wonderful and peaceful, whiles were dark and sinister.  He was convinced that there was one Song that wanted to dominate them all.  One Song that would absorb all others into one hive mind.  Q’k-t’k remembers a horrible panting he rendered on some caves walls that depicted this horrible creature devouring all of Severus.


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