Que’Sha (Savage SDF)

Que’Sha (Savage SDF)

Physical Description

The Que’Sha (formerly Sissqarans) descended from a species of enormous land snakes. They are usually 250 cm to 400 cm long, from head to tail-tip, with nearly 1/2 of the length being the torso and the head and the other half being a long tail with no legs. On the torso is a humanoid chest with two pairs of arms. The head is human in size and has a horn crest across its forehead. Its body is made up of large tough scales. On each hand are claws. The Que’Sha, being descended from snakes, have rows of fangs in their mouth.

Average Size: 3.25 m (1/3 head & torso)
Average Mass:120 kg
Average Life-span: 225 yrs
Reproduction: Heterosexual, oviparous
Body Temp: 32 degrees C


Historical Details

Sissqara is a system on the other side of the Sather Empire.  The Sissqarans were first encountered by the Sathars as they expanded the Empire.  The tyrannical Sissqaran leadership, already plotting invasions of nearby systems, found it easy to ally with the Sathar Empire, forming the Sissqarans -Sathar Union.  With the resources supplied by the Sathar, the Sissqarans carved out their own small empire allied to the Sathar cause. Like locusts, they descended on several low-tech worlds, stripped them of their resources and fed on their populations.  The Sissqarans enslaved the populations of several worlds, treating them like cattle and draining them dry of all they wanted.

However slowly, a movement within the Sissqarans, called Que’Sha – the outlawed name of a peace-loving religious caste – began to rebel against the tyranny of the Que’Sha war machine and their Sathar allies. They saw the suffering caused by the regime and took pity on the victims. The Que’Sha fifth column movement helped the resistance that naturally developed on these plundered planets. Some resistance groups were even successful.

The Sathar War ended with the near destruction of the Sathars as a race, as well as the destruction of the  Sissqara war machine. The Que’Sha were spared for their help in the war, and now their population is nearly 600,000,000, in what is left of their home system.  The new Que’Sha leadership is very tolerant of other cultures and aliens, however, they are very strict


The Que’Sha are not used to bright light, so like the Yazirians, they wear sunglasses. They also have a very acute sense of smell.

Speech and Languages

The Que’Sha speak their native tongue, Hy’grisss, in toned hisses, like the Saurians. They speak Pan-Gal perfectly, but with a little resounding guttural echo behind each word.


Que’Sha are mysterious, and often mistakenly mistrusted.  They are constantly trying to make up for the evils of the brethren.  However, the respect all life, and make it a goal to tolerate all species of the region, no matter their quirks.   However, some recent problems have arisen because so many of the species look like food to the Que’Sha. Most Que’Sha are scholarly philosophers and skilled diplomats, attempting at all times to garner deals to allow for more individual rights.  However, violence is not beneath them, and waging war is another thing the Que’Sha does well.

The Que’Sha despise tyranny. They have strived to purge their society of all who supported the past regimes.  They also strive to eliminate it where ever they see it, even in other societies.  In that vein, they have developed a certain mistrust of the Vrusk.  Although they have not ruled over the other races of the Frontier, they have manipulated them in a tyrannical way, according to them.

Social Structure and Standards

The Que’Sha prefer a more organized society that is cooperative with its people, and is aware of their rights. The Que’Sha society centers on an individual’s right to freedom. The Que’Sha basic social unit is the nuclear family, with many offspring. They do not believe in clans, or the like. They believe a family is all that is needed. They are polytheistic and most worship their gods devoutly. Science is also an important area of knowledge to them also. They respect those who are not power hungry, but are happy with what they have.

Racial Abilities

Natural Weapon – Spit Poison (+1)– The Que’Sha, being descended from snakes, have the ability to spit poison. The character must choose a type of poison from the list. The range is always at the most 2. The Que’Sha can only spit Vigor/2 times a day.  The Types of Poisons are:

  • Blinding Poison – This poison blinds the victim. The target must make a succeed at a Vigor check or the victim is blinded 1d10 hrs, and is in great pain during that time.
  • Nerve Poison – This stuns the character for a limited amount of time. The target must make a succeed at a Vigor check or
  • Fatal Poison – This poison is Venomous (-1), by the standard Poison rules of Savage Worlds.

Additional Action (+3): Due to their four arms, Que’sha get one extra non-movement action per round at no multi-action penalty.

Environmental Weakness, Cold (–1): Due to their cold-blooded nature, Que’sha are not comfortable in cold environments. They suffer a –4 penalty to resist cold environmental effects, and suffer +4 damage from cold or ice-based attacks.

Environmental Weakness, Light Sensitivity (–1): Due to the low intensity of their sun on their homeworld, Que’sha are very sensitive to bright light. They must wear protective goggles or suffer a -4 to Notice and any other Trait roll involving sight (like Shooting or Fighting).

Slow Slither (Slow, -2): Because the Que’Sha slither, then tend to move slower than most.  Pace is reduced by 2” (to a minimum
of 2”), and it has a d4 running die.

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