Quick Worlds 27 – Shingal

Quick Worlds 27 – Shingal

From: Gypsy Knights Games

Reviewed by: Ron McClung

Quick Worlds 27: Shingal is a new RPG Supplement from Gypsy Knights Games.

NOTE:  This is the Mongoose Traveller edition of the PDF.  Since receiving this, Gypsy Knights has disassociated from the Mongoose Traveller game system and developed their own called The Clement Sector, the Rules, using an alternate version of the Cepheus Engine Universe.  If they haven’t yet already, they will be converting this supplement to the game system.

Sometimes a planet needs a spotlight.  Perhaps it deserves more than a simple summary.  This is what a Quick World supplement is for  and this one is about a planet call Shingal in the Solon subsector, neighboring the Winston subsector.

From page # 5: Shingal is located in the second orbit of its star, Atalan, a G4 V, yellow main sequence star.

Shingal is part of a simple five planet system – one gas giant and 4 rocky worlds including Shingal.  It has one moon – Kec- which has no atmosphere and uninhabitable without contained environments.   Shingal however, it an Earth-like world with cold polar zones and warm temperate zones.  It has one settlement called Bendergeh, with a population of nearly 36,000.  Settled by followers of the Yazidi religion, the culture and belief system is still heavily influenced by it.  Based on a real world culture, this takes the Yazidi people into a future of uncertainty and adventure.

The colony is ruled by two positions, traditionally held by men.  The Emir is a hereditary king-like position that rules over the state, military and all matters of governmental functions.  Meanwhile the religious leader is the Baba Sheik.  He oversees all issues relating to religious adherence including morality based laws, keeping of certain practices, and the overall leadership of the Yazidi religion.  If there is any dispute between the two men, the Baba Sheik wins over.  The police force answer to both leaders, enforcing both civil and religious laws.

From page # 9: The Yazidi are an insular people. They have always been a culture separated from their surrounding neighbors.

The people of Shingal descended from the Yazidi people who left Earth after generations of oppression and persecution. Emir Hazim lead them from Earth to Shingal.  Culturally, they are not welcoming to outsiders and are extremely xenophobic.  All men in their society above the age of 15 years are armed to protect their society.  Women are not restricted from doing so and many do as well.

Their religion – a slightly modified mythos based on Judeo-Christian beliefs – positions the Yazidi people as specifically descended from Adam, while everyone else were descended from the union of Adam and Eve.  This tends to isolate them as they believe no one can convert to their religion (as they do not have the proper lineage).   Purification through reincarnation is at the center of their afterlife mythos, with those that do evil reincarnating to animals and those that do good return as humans.

Khude – the Yazidi deity – is the creator of all.  However, he has no real interest in the affairs of humanity, so they do not worship him.  Instead,  they worship a proxy-deity created by Khude – Malek-Tauz, also known as Shaytan.  Unfortunately, because of the similarities between the mythology of Shaytan and the Judeo-Christian Satan, many believed they were “devil worshipers.”  Meanwhile, the people of Shingal believe that they have actually found the home of Malek-Tauz and it is their holy ground or promised land.

The PDF ends with some interesting Referee notes that gives the Referee a little insight into the intrigue and politics of the people of Shingal.  I won’t give away any spoilers but there is some very interesting adventure potential on this planet.

In conclusion,  this supplement mixes some fiction with real world fact to create a interesting world and culture.  It takes one of the oldest cultures on our planet and places it in the far reaches of space, speculating on some of the effects of such a journey would have on it.  While at first, many would not see a lot of adventure on a world full of xenophobic isolationist religious fanatics, as you delve deep into the PDF, the potential leaps out at you.

For more details on Gypsy Knights Games and their new RPG Supplement “Quick Worlds 27: Shingal” check them out at their website http://www.gypsyknightsgames.com, and at all of your local game stores.

Codex Rating: 16

Product Summary

Quick Worlds 27: Shingal

From: Gypsy Knights Games

Type of Game: RPG Supplement

Author: John Watts

Artists: Bradley Warnes (Cover), Ian Stead (p.2)

Editor: Curtis Rickman

Cover Layout: Stephanie McAlea

Number of Pages: 13

Website: www.gypsyknightsgames.com

Reviewed by: Ron McClung