RIP Chris Jarrett – I am tired of losing friends

RIP Chris Jarrett – I am tired of losing friends

Here I sit on New Years Eve night and I am dealing with another friend’s death.  Chris Jarrett was part of that core group of games that I ran games with for 20+ years.  He played a tone of characters from Shatterzone, Star Wars, and more.  He didn’t play in the Star Frontiers years but everything else, he played in.  I was a devious player, a fun storyteller and all around good guy.  He had honor, character and integrity.  It was an honor to consider him a friend.

The sad part is that he never made it to 40.  He was 39 years old!  3 months from his 40th.  Yea, did not live a healthy lifestyle, like many of us.  It is definitely a wake up call for us all.

I don’t have a complete record of all his characters in my games but one of the more memorable was his sniper in Shatterzone.  He gave me fits!  He was heavily into the live action stuff but I rarely played with him.  He played in my Shatterzone, Star Wars, Fading Suns and Babylon 5.  Some characters were memorable and others were not. But overall, I enjoyed having him in my game group for so long.



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