RonCon 2011 Report

RonCon 2011 Report

So I had a little get together with friends at my parents house at the lake. Because it’s my 42, I thought it would be cool to have a geek day (since 42 is such a meaningful number to all geeks). My parents house is a perfect place for this kind of thing, with all kinds of room, a great view and did I mention lots of room.

I really did not want to make it a big deal because I really did not think everyone would show up. But as I sent out initial pre-invites and things developed, it started turning into a big deal. So RonCon was born.

RonCon 2011 had an attendance of 14+ people, and we played a good amount of games. It started around 1 pm and ended around 9 pm. I played Zombie State as Asia only to see it dwindled down to Australia and Japan walled off from the world. It was an awesome game, though. Other games that were played were Ascension, Fluxx, Are you a Werewolf, Once Upon a Time, and Zombie Dice. Everyone seemed to have a good time. IT eneded with a few of us lounging around, exhausted from all the gaming, and watching the Tarheels beat the Bluedevils in backetball.

All in all, I would call it a very satisfying day of gaming. Thanks to everyone that came all the way out to Lake Wylie to game. I do not think many of them knew what kind of drive they were in for once they started, but thanks for sticking it out and joining us.


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