Character: Rosh’Tiar A.K.A. Rosh

Character: Rosh’Tiar A.K.A. Rosh

A character that I played in SZ named Rosh.

“The ‘Zone is looking better everyday…”

By Ron McClung

12-3-432//New Sol.New Earth//Grimsyn Sector

NW DiaryPro v2.6 Entry #1221://

The years we spent with Galactic Steel taught me one thing. I can trust one thing… myself and the Pack. You say that’s two things?… not to me. I am Pack and the pack is me. That is all there is to life, or at least all that’s important. Before then, I was out on the street with my family, while my pack mate was still fighting the corp-slave runners on home world. We met in the Galactic Steel iridiumite mines of Selius 5. We both helped form the resistance on that planet and escaped after 6 years in shackles. Fleet hunted us down from there, not happy with the way we left the mining colony staff… at least the ones they could recognize. The rest could only be ID’ed through DNA.

Life has been hard for both of us as two lone Roarugr pack-mates in a strange new society, running from Fleet, and hiding from Corporate cronies. If it wasn’t for my expertise in “supply acquisitions” , we’d have starved to death. Of course, these abilities also have made me an unpopular individual with local authorities on many planets. Hey,… anything for the preservation of the pack.

New Earth, in the Grimsyn sector is our latest stop, and between dodging fringer assassination attempts to alien “big ugly” attacks; from sudden black outs from very painful and sharp headaches after getting a strange look from the Bedlam psi to martial arts attacks from the party members for performing “non-preemptive unofficial acquisition” attempts (what they call stealing), I don’t know which is better; here or the iridiumite mines. At least it makes life more interesting, and gives us an opportunity to find other pack members.

This new group seems to be made up of a mixture of pack rejects. There are six others that are none-traditional pack, although we have accepted them in as pseudo-pack. The four humans are quite diverse; a young teenage Assassin’s Guild member, a older Kindo warrior, a Bedlam psi-bounty hunter, and a mentally unstable, apparently schizophrenic merc. Each have there own pasts, and all of them seem to be running from it in some way or another. The other two are Bolters. Ones a kind of super-cybered lizard creature that hides his true nature under bio-engineered vat-grown human-like skin, while the other is a small humanoid child-like grey alien scientist with tremendous knowledge, almost as if he was ahead of his time. Despite our seemingly conflicting diversity and sometimes lack of respect for each other, we all seem to fit functionally into a team that is taking on a little more than it thinks it can handle.

It seems we’ve gotten involved in a little underground fringer war, that may be bigger than we thought. However, with the baggage the others are caring from their past, this is going to be deeper than just a simple fringer war. The net is active with fringer activity, and their seems to be an over-abundance of psi-activity in the area. This worries me. The pack has been banged up pretty bad because of all this. My packmate, “Harry”, can hardly walk, while every time I breath I get a sharp pain in the chest. But in the end, the pack will remain, or it will die. If it dies, I go with it. Until then, don’t bother me… I working here. And I’ve got a plan…


CHARACTER: Rosh’Tiar (“Rosh”)


PROFILE: Young Martial Artist/Theif/Decker

SPECIES: Roarugr

AGE: 22 T-years

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 5′ 11″

AGL: 9

Acrobatics 1/10, Climbing 1/10, Dodge 2/11, Gunnery (Assault Laser 1/8), Maneuver 3/12, Martial Art: (Roarugr Task’I’il Style* 2/11), Melee Combat 1/8 (Bullwhip 2/11), Stealth 2/11

DEX: 7

Energy Weapons 1/8, Fire Combat 3/10, Prestidigitation (Pick Pocketing 3/10), Thrown Weapons 2/9

END: 8

Resist Shock 1/8

STR: 7

INT: 8

Computer Ops 2/10, Cyberdeck Ops 2/10, Demolitions 1/9, Perception 1/9 (Find 2/10), Psi-Manip. 2/10

MIN: 8

Science: Computers 1/9, Psi-Resist. 2/10

CON: 10 (5 when alone w/o another Roarugr)

CHA: 8

TOU: 8

Armor: Plaststeel (+6/24)

Weapons: Bullwhip (custom monofilament edged-retractable to a walking stick )(- +6/21), Furtherman Dracon (19)

Background advantages:

3 pts: Natural weapons: Claws

3 pts: Natural weapons: Sharp teeth

2 pts – Latent Psi

2 pts – Trademark Specialization – Roarugr Task’I’il Style – a martial art that utilizes the claws and teeth to their greatest extent, ripping and tearing.

1 pts – Cybernetics

Background compensations:

3 pts – XenoFlaw: Pack Mentality – need the pack to feel whole.

1 pts – Alien Outlook – Don’t understand other races that don’t have packs.

1 pts – Alien Prejudice

1 pt – Kleptomania – Rosh likes neat stuff…

1 pt – Criminal – wanted by Fleet for the slave mine incident and several planet authorities for petty theft.

1 pt Enemy – The Corporate exec in charge of the mining colony.

Adv. Flaw – Cyberdeck – Has a large portion of the memory locked; it’s a stolen cyberdeck (… of course)

Cyberwear: Simenerve and Neural Jack, NW Basic Eye Unit w/ Supersight, Heatseeker, Lowlight – CV: 4

Networld Adventurer (stolen: 40 PSC locked.)


* Laser 3 — 1/12

* E-Cap 3 — 5/14

* Plasteel 3 — 6

* Gopher 3 — 4

* Digger 3 — 10

* Scramble 4 — 10

* Ascan 3 — 9

* Cloak 4 — 5

Other Equipment: Credkey, Comlink, Assorted useless and semi-useless items.

Quote: “Trust me. I’ve got a plan” (usually followed by a collective mixture of groans and “ohhh-no”s by the group)