Species: Unknown
Type: Humanoid Extra-dimensional creature
Origin: Dimension seen by Caspar V


Documented Notes

Saul is a mystery to most. An artist named Caspar V talks of a frog-faced one-eyed boy who lead him to a dimension of great wonder. This artist based many of him paintings on what this Saul showed him, until he died, killing himself by taking out his own eyes. They say he died of depression, his last words (written on the wall) saying “Saul will not return.”

Saul denies that he is the same Saul as V talked about. However, he does drop the artist’s name a lot in conversation as if to keep the rumors alive.

Saul now serves Baphomet and the Three White Sisters.

Add-ins & Elaborations

Saul, of course, is the Saul that V talked about in his semi-psychotic rantings. However, because Saul blames himself for the death of his friend, he hides it.

Saul is from an bizarre and ancient dimension that no longer wants him. He was banished from it for bringing a human to his home. For decades, he wandered the streets at night, hiding from human fears until he found Midian.

It is rumored that Saul can open doorways into other dimensions with his eye. However, saul will deny it, presumably because it was his ability to do that that got him in trouble in the first place.

Natural Weapons/Abilities


Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Dimensional Gate, Dimensional Site.


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