The (Savaged) Glahn: The Clans

The (Savaged) Glahn: The Clans

The Glahn society is highly political and at times volatile. The politics between clans in the Core of Glahn are like no other region of space. While many just assume based on the stoic and understated demeanor of the Glahn that they all get along, nothing could be further from the truth. Because of the subtleties of the species, no other race can even attempt to figure out the clan politics of Glahnite homeworld.

The Glahnite Clan – the hosshik  – is like a communal family to all Glahn. Nothing rises above ones’ hosshik – or at least, is supposed to. All Glahn carry a sigil of this clan either as a pendant or tattoo or traditional piece of clothing. There are three hierarchical levels of the Glahn Clans – Major, Associate, and Minor. There are 7 major clans, all with long histories dating back to the nations of Glahnite. The associate clans are allied with the majors, wielding much of the power of the majors under their name. The Minor clans are younger clans born after the Glahn spread to the stars, occupying colonies or space stations wielding less power, but hoping to become either an associate or major one day.

Major Clans

Sorted in order of power and influence in the Clan Council

Clan Kadas

The Kadas was a minor clan for many centuries before the Glahn expanded into space. Their industry was based primary on agricultural and textiles, and they were well known businessman and traders. Their goods were high quality and they always were fair in trade. They were involved with very few wars and kept to themselves for most of their history. Their nation was fairly isolated from the rest of the wars, but still prosperous in it’s own sphere of influence.

What few knew was the Kadas were masterful at politics and covert manipulation. They worked their way up through blackmail, spying and even assassination. Through these tactics, they became an associate of most power clan on the homeworld – Andrycus. However being an associate of the most powerful clan was not enough.

Early in the first expansion from their homeworld, new markets opened up for their quality products in space. As it turned out, their products held up to the rigors of space better than any available. New trade deals as well as some behind the scenes manipulation caused the power of the once little Kadas to rival Andrycus. A small very secret little war between the two flared and in the end, Andrycus was no more, absorbed into Kadas.

This sudden takeover took the rest of the majors by surprise, most especially the strong ally to Andrycus, Clan Adus. Adus absorbed much of the “refugee” elements of Andrycus (benefiting greatly from them). Now seen as the strongest rival to Kadas, Adus knowingly owes much of their recent success do to the actions of Kadas.

Suggested Hindrances: Enemy, Outsider (few other clans trust Kadas)

Suggested Edges: Assassin, Thief or any Stealth based Edge

Clan Adus

Based out of one of the “super power” nations of Glahnite, Adus has been one of the Majors since the inception of the clan system. They were one of the founding-members of the Glahn society, establishing many of the traditions they hold dear today. They grew their power through fuels, engineering and energy production. Being an ally of the once powerful Clan Andrycus also helped them grow in power.

Adus is an old and traditional clan. They hold close many of the traditions that modern clans have either forgotten or outright rejected. This includes religious and social traditions. They are a very conservative and reserved clan, politically. Of all the Glahn, Adusite Glahn are the hardest to read. Honor and truth are held in the highest regard.

Of all their engineering feats, the Adus are best at weapons and armor making. They were the primary supply of weapons to Andrycus, who excelled at using them. These weapons are highly sought after by alien collectors all over the known worlds and a non-Glahn owning one is seen as a grave insult. However, following their pragmatic ways, these weapons are traditionally very simple and usually just melee weapons (although there is one manufacturer of revolvers within this clan).

Suggested Hindrances: Code of Honor

Suggested Edges: Soldier or any Combat Edge

Clan Stamon

The Stamon heil from a northern region eastern hemisphere of the of the Glahn homeworld, traditionally having pale blue skin and lighter hair. Originally great sailors and fishermen, they evolved to being great pilots and shipwrights as the Glahn expanded into space. They also have some of the most renowned chefs.

When all the major shake-ups were happening at the top, Stamon stayed neutral as they could. They had relations with all involved and nothing they were connected to depended on Andrycus being at the top. Staying neutral was the logical choice, although many in Adus did not see it that way. Adus urged Stamon to pick a side many times to no avail.

Stamon was the first to venture into interstellar space with their sleeper ships. Before humans brought them the Q-drive, the Glahn relied on cold-sleep ships or generation ships to expand out into space. Only nearby stars were colonized this way and primarily through the piloting skills of the Stamon.

Suggested Hindrances: Outsider or Quirk, Stamon tend to be eccentric.

Suggested Edges: Ace or any Piloting based Edge

Clan Aedessa

Born of an equatorial nation on Glahnite, Aedessa was once a minor clan that served many major clans as laborers for various mining and manufacturing sectors. Eventually, they grew enough in power to take over those ventures and grow into a major clan in a very traditional fashion. They did this through shrewd business deals and mining rights negotiations that eventually leads to a mineral strike that benefited them considerably.

Rising as they did, they kept the sensibilities and culture that got them there strong within their society. Humble to a fault, sometimes, they are well-known to be the most tolerant of the clans. It can be said that most if not all Glahn tend to shy from extravagance and pageantry, but Aedessa even more so than others. They are the most unassuming and unrecognizable Major clan as they tend to blend into any social environment.

However, the clan holds a dark secret only a few high members know. Long ago, before the Glahn reached out to the stars, the Aedessa clan made contact with an alien being – one that was from beyond the Shatterzone (although they did not know this at the time). He gave them the technology to help them in their mining and manufacturing. The alien asked for refuge in return. Apparently immortal or very long lived, this alien still lives and influences the clan to this day.

Suggested Hindrances: Secret

Suggested Edges: Money Management

Clan Dorostom

Originating from a nation on the opposite side of Andrycus, they were once the Andrycusan most vicious rival. A totalitarian and militaristic government when it originated, it has since moderated it’s regime to a much more tolerant one. They once enslaved clans they saw as lower and conquer lands around them with great fervor. War was a hobby to them and they resented Andrycus for trying to contain them. Their means of waging war was very glahn – complete or not at all. Either they attacked with overwhelming force enough to wipe out all resistance or not at all.

Since the Glahn have entered the stars, Clan Dorostom have expanded their political influence through more honorable means. Many, however, see them as a sleeping lion, willing to return to the conquering ways at any time. Meanwhile, those clans that choose to engage in an association with them are a special breed. THey are very subservient but strong; honorable and know where they stand.

Like Adus, their pride centers around weapons making, however, they focus primarily on modern weapons as well as large scale weapons. Their philosophy in waging war translate into the production of weapons – why do it unless you do it absolutely.

Suggested Hindrances:

Suggested Edges:

Clan Savvares

Hailing from a southern continent below Dorostom, the Savvares have traditionally been the more introspective and spiritual of the Glahn clans. Their region on Glahnite was mountainous and rough, the environment harsh. In their early years, their people resorted to raiding and pillaging in much the same ways as the Vikings, however as more and more contact with others grew, so did free and open trade. They purged their society of their raiding ways and turned instead to more spiritual and scholarly pursuits.

On the surface, the Savvares are the mystics, scholars and mentalists of the Glahn, they also run some of the complex and deep-seeded crime syndicate networks in the galaxy. They take advantage of their meek reputation to traffic anything and everything illegal. Laws limiting prosperity, even from vices seems illogical to them. They produce some of the most potent and effective drugs, efficient illegal tech and undetectable forgeries in the galaxy.

Suggested Edges:

Suggested Hindrances:

Clan Drakan

Drakan clan are the youngest of the majors, stemming from the early colonies on the Glahn homeworld’s moon. They only recently have been accepted into the major clans and into the clan council. However, their success in running the moon colonies and the shipping lanes to and from have proven them worthy of the title.

Drakan focus on facing the challenges and curiosities of space head-on. They are perhaps the most adventurous of the clans. Discovery and exploration is at the core. They and their associate clans are usually the first the council turns to when they want a new colony established. Pilots, explorers, scouts and first colonists are their archetypes.

Suggested Edges:

Suggested Hindrances:

Associate Clans

Associate clans number in the hundreds, on average 20 to 25 of them associate to a major in some fashion or another. These clans have made an alliance with a Major Clan and pay regular tribute to the clan. In return, they wield the power of the major over their holdings and their allies holdings, they have access to the major clan’s resources, and benefit from the clans outside relationships, trade deals and treaties.

Players are encouraged to make their own associate clan up, and associate it to any Major clan.

Minor Clans

The Minor clans are primarily those that formed after the Glahn reached out into space. Many are the equivalent of Fringer groups, while others are born of fragments from other clans that branched out, seeking to eventually become an Associate or even a Major.

Players are encouraged to make their own minor clans, keeping in mind that they are the more extreme and eccentric Glahn clans. They are typically populated with atypical Glahn.,