The (Savaged) Ishantran Chyth

The (Savaged) Ishantran Chyth

Many see the Ishantran as much a random mixture of genetically created aliens, whiles others simple see them as abominations – chaotic cocktails of random racial traits. But in truth, there is alien methods to their madness. There is structure, although most don’t see it. This is called the Ishantran Chyth.

The closest thing humans can relate this to is the Hindu Chakra. The cloning of their race is basically structure based on the six Chyth centers of their Ishantran soul, which then in turn establish their caste.

These are the following, sorted by level of power and influence within the society:


The Mind. The Claxera Ishantran are created to be their scientists, engineers and scholars of their species. They carry on the traditions of the cloning process – a pseudo-religious process in itself. Bred to be the smartest and the most efficient, these Ishantran are the artifiers of the great Ishantran technology. They are revered as the leaders and decision makers of their race.

As a character – The Claxera rarely leave the Core worlds and if they find the need, they usually send a Sadikan representative. Claxera are best treated as NPCs for game purposes.


The Eyes. The Aethurus are called the Watchers and only answer to the Claxera. They watch Ishantran society for something very specific. The Ishandtran never speak of the Aethurus to outside species and never reveal what they truly are watching for. [GM NOTE: The watch for certain genetic traits they are trying to weed out but seem to always pop up, perhaps traits they took from the Armagons or a minion of theirs].

As a character – The Aethurus are the most mysterious and dark aspect of the Ishantran. Many believe they do the dirty work of the Claxera. Others believe they scout out new genetics traits that would be considered by the masters for adding to the Ishantran genome. Either way, they are commonly sent out on mysterious missions only they and the Claxera know the nature of.

Suggested Alien Abilities/Edges/Hindrances

Skill (+1): Notice starts at a d6 instead of a d4.

Hindrance – Obligation (Major, -2): The Aethurus are bound to report into the Claxera (or its agents) regularly. Anything they see that would be considered a danger to the Ishantran race is important to the Claxera.


The Voice. The Sadikan are the diplomats, managers and politicians of their species. They usually deal with outside relations with the other races. While not the leaders of the race, they pass on the decisions made by the Claxera to the rest of the hierarchy.

As a character – Sadikan are commonly sent out on diplomatic operations, political trips, and contact missions. They usually require an escort of either trusted hired mercs or a compliment of Thetirrha.

Suggested Alien Abilities/Edges/Hindrances

Skill (+1): Persuasion starts at a d6 instead of a d4.

Hindrance – Obligation (Minor, -1): The Sadikan are bound to obey and be loyal tot he Claxera and the Ishantran as a race. As the voice of the leadership, they are usually sent out of the system for a specific reason.


The Heart or Soul. The Eudora are traditionally the Psions of the species. They are also the religious leaders of their society. They bless the Claxera and their works by the Power of the Core – the Center of the Universe where all God-power resides. They are also the artisans, entertainers and composers, creating some of the most stunning and beautiful creations in the universe.

As a character – Eudora have been known to leave their Core systems to explore the mysteries of the worlds

Suggested Alien Abilities/Edges/Hindrances

Edge (+2): AB Psionics

Hindrance (-2): Any two of the following at Minor rating – All Thumbs, Cautious, Delusional, Hesitant, Mean, Obligation, Phobia, Quirk.


The Physical Strength, Physical Power, Muscles System. The Thetirrha (The Thet for short) are the Warriors, Soldiers and Fighters of the Ishantran. They are also the Athletes, Enforcers and Royal Guard. They are by far the largest in stature and strangest in physical strength, as the name implies. They have been known to perform super-hero like feats at times.

As a character – Thetirrha are commonly sent out on missions from the Core worlds, more often in teams but sometimes on lone missions.

Suggested Alien Abilities/Edges/Hindrances

Alien Ability – Attribute Increase (+2): Choose on physical attribute to increase one die type – Strength, Agility or Vigor.

Hindrance (-2): Pick one at Major level – Bloodthirsty, Clueless, Death WIsh, Delusional, Driven, Heroic, Obligation, Ruthless


The Limbs and Hands. These are the workers, laborers and creators of the species. These are primarily genetic drones, biologically programmed for a particular task. Only the Ishantran really know the Bretiax actually exist within their society as others would see them as slaves. In truth, the Bretiax, because of the genetic programming, are happiest doing the jobs they were designed to do – or at least that’s what the Claxera would like to think.

Most Bretiax have limited sentients – just enough to do their work and nothing more. Decision making is limited to their sphere of work. Bretiax managers are given a little more in order to make decisions for the underlings.

As a character -Traditionally, a Bretiax is not a character as they are limited in thinking and basically worker drones.

The Seventh Chyth

THere is a rumor of a seventh Chyth that only the Claxera know about.

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