The (Savaged) Roarugr

The (Savaged) Roarugr


Type: Contacted Unregistered Bolter

Physical Appearance

Consumption: Aerobic, Oxygen, Efficiency: 77%, Limited Anaerobic ability.
Gravity: 1 G. Average Height: 1.7 m. Average Mass: 70 kg
Body Temperature: 38 Celsius
Homeworld: Ruraro at XM-09287
Natural Habitat: Plains

This species has reached an awkward stage where they can no longer run on all fours but also have difficulty standing upright. They have bright, red eyes and long sharp faces with a thin, pointy muzzle and razor-sharp canines. Their upper teeth extend out from their mouths and up past their muzzle. Their hands are simple, a sixth toe now serves as a thumb on the upper limbs. The lower limbs still bear a single thick, curved claw. Their bodies are covered with very short, coarse hair that varies in color from a deep brown to black.

Senses & Speech

Each pack have their own language and customs.   They speak Basic moderately well.


Roarugr are a small (average height 1.7 meter) species, evolving on the plains of some far-flung world. They say that small tribes of their people fought for eons, building a civilization only very slowly and very painfully. When contacted by the Consortium, many tribes traded whatever natural resources they had for places in the stars. Hardly innocent natives, the Roarugr drove hard bargains, gaining transport, education, equipment, money and whatever else they needed to be competitive in the modern universe.

Today their homeworld is much changed. Roarugr work in dirty mines as wage-slaves to the Consortium and it’s megacorporations. Their pack mentality prevents them from becoming docile workers. They often rise in groups to demand more freedom or better working conditions. The mining corporation, Randall-Hollings, is unused to such restless natives and there have been many bloody encounters between angry Roarugr workers and corporate security.

Society and Customs

Used to group life, members of this species do poorly when isolated.   A lone Roarugr is usually starts to sicken shortly afer separation; cut off from his pack, he grows despondent and weak. His hair has begun to fall out in clumps and he will not eat. It is the feeling of most outsiders close to one that this is not physiological, as the physician insists, but symptoms brought on by the loss of the pack’s companionship. The single sex packs are the identity of the Roarugr.

They travel, eat and live in them. Population growth is dependent on the success of the packs, for mating occurs only when a female pack encounters a male pack that is acceptable as a whole. Packs have their own laws, which are ruthlessly enforced.

The Roarugr have adapted well to the stars and they understand Consortium law well. But when in a large group, a sort of group-think comes over them and they can easily begin acting as a mob.


Roarugr are psychologically dependent on the pack and while they can survive without it, imprisonment and long periods of isolation can be harmful. They must always work with any pack they have joined or, if alone, any pack they encounter. It is difficult for them not to be influenced by other Roarugr in this way.

Special Abilities

Claws (+1):  All Roarugr have natural claws which may be used as weapons Strength+d4 damage.

Bite (+1):  All Roarugr have naturally sharp teeth which may be used as weapons Strength+d4 damage.

Superior Senses (+2): The Roarugr have a superior sense of smell and hearing and gain Alertness Edge.

Pack Mentality (-4):  They derive much of their confidence and personality from being in the pack. When not in one, the suffer a -2 to Spirit. A pack is considered more than 1. When isolated and separated from their pack, they are driven perform Ritual in hopes to find a Pack each day (Quirk). When in a pack, they are Loyal to that pack, to a fault. THe race is inherently Overconfident in their ability to survive and perform their duties.


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