The (Savaged) Veronians

The (Savaged) Veronians

Type: Associate Species

Physical Appearance

In their native forms, Veronians appear much like a thin-skinned unfinished Humans. They do not have hair, and their facial features are indistinct – no mouth or nose, just two round black eyes.

There are two genders, male and female, and these genders carry over when they change form. A male Veronian who changes into a Glahnite becomes a male Glahnite.


According to rumor, Veronians lost their homeworld soon after they discovered spaceflight. They began to interact with other nearby species, using their abilities to fit in with the natives. Unfortunately, this friendly gesture, to the Veronians anyway, was misconstrued when it was discovered. The unnerving ability of the Veronians became their destruction – their neighbors banded together and destroyed many of them, forcing the rest to flee that section of space.

Society and Customs

A space-faring race with no known homeworld, the Veronians have settled among the Near Colonies and are among the most successful of the new arrivals to Consortium space. This is in part because of their technical skill, in part because of their species’ work ethic, and in part because of their ability to alter their appearance at will.


The Veronians have a cheerful nature and have made their way in the universe. Within the Consortium, they have found employment in many industries, as well as lucrative berths in the espionage field, working both for Fleet and megacorps. The Veronians still do not understand why other species are nervous around them – especially when they change to familiar forms for their friends’ benefit- but they have learned to be a little more subtle in their use of their abilities.

Special Abilities

Super Power (+4) – Chameleon (Limited) – Veronians are gifted with a knack for imitation. They can take on the aspect of many other species, with the following restrictions: they can assume the form of other humanoids only; they cannot imitate specific individuals; and the change affects only their bodies, not their clothing or equipment.

Hindrance: Reputation (Untrustworthy, Major, -2) – Veronians have a reputation of being untrustworthy because of their abilities. -2 to Persuasion roles once it is revealed that the character is a Veronians.

Hindrance: Ugly (-2) – In their native form, the Veronians are considered Ugly by most species.

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