Savage 80s Crafts

Savage 80s Crafts

Lots of 3D printing for this one – Airwolf, V Shyfighters, KITT, A-Team van and Hero Forge minis for the 80s characters. I also bought minis from Crooked Dice Game Studio (fantastic minis).

One thing I liked about Crooked Dice is that they supplied alternative heads. Instead of using them with the minis provided, I took some old Heroclix Agents of Shield minis and replaced the head. They came out fantastic despite the slight scale difference. Now I have 12 visitor commandos or super soldiers or whatever I want.

The McGuffin I created was out of stuff I bought from Ebay and had laying around. The base was the bottom piece of an old Kenner AT AT and I added on a hair-dryer defuser. Added on some 40k bits and now it is a terraforming device.

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