Humans immediately feel comfortable in the presence of a blix.  These aliens first appeared in the Frontier about 15 years ago, arriving in the outer rim worlds of Yaziran  inside spherical vessels that appeared to use Voidspace technology. It immediately expelled a few dozen escape pods, then exploded in spectacular fashion within sight of the settlements. The blix, which had been crammed in the pods, were stranded in the Gruna Garu  system.

Since that time, the friendly but silent aliens have made friends throughout Yazirian space. Their helpfulness and knack with technology make them valuable to spacers, and it is now looked upon as good luck to have a blix or two crewing aboard traders and other star vessels.


A blix is a small, 1-meter-tall humanoid. Its blue skin and four arms mark it as alien, as do the four nimble fingers on each of its hands. Most blix continue to wear the featureless jumpsuits they wore when they arrived, but some have taken to adorning themselves in outfits cobbled together from the various species they have since encountered. Each blix carries a universal tool that draws energy from the blix’s unique bioenergy signature. The tool changes to meet the needs of the job at hand, though no one but that individual blix can make the tool function.

The blix never speak or seem to communicate in any way. Some scientists speculate that they communicate with each other through some form of telepathic link, but no psionic scan has found any evidence of psionic energy or activity. The blix’s friendly appearance, diminutive size, and helpful nature make them very welcome among human crews.


Agility Smarts Spirit Strength Vigor
d6 d8 d6 d4 d6
Pace Parry Toughness
5 6 5


Athletics Common Knowledge Notice Persuasion Stealth
d6 d10 d6 d4 d4
Fighting d6, Shooting d6, Repair d10, Science d6

Hindrances: Curious, Mute

Edges: —

Special Abilities

  • LOW LIGHT VISION: Blix eyes are accustomed to the dark. They ignore penalties for Dim and Dark  Illumination.
  • REDUCED PACE: Blix have short legs compared to most races. Decrease their Pace by 1 and their running die one die type.
  • ADDITIONAL ACTION: Due to their four arms, Blix may ignore 2 points of Multi-Action penalties each turn.
  • SIZE −1: Blix stand 3–4′ tall.
  • RACIAL TELEPATHIC LINK:  Blix can telepathic communicate with each other.

Gear:  Universal tool (+4 bonus to all Repair skill checks)

My Notes

On it’s face, this is more of a Bolter than a External but S*D used the term broadly.  But as I read and re-wrote them,  I can totally see these as infiltrator agents of the Gardhyi.  While they may be fixing things, they may be secretly inserting alien tech into the systems they are working on to serve as spyware or instruments of sabotage.  If you use the races from The Last Parsec, the blix might be distantly related to the Kalian (very distant.)  Perhaps the I’Krl influenced caused an offshoot race.  

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