Savage Herculoids: Allies & Villians – Mutoids

Savage Herculoids: Allies & Villians – Mutoids


Mutoids or Mutons are subtle yet thoroughly evil and warring race of shapeshifters.  They travel interplanetary space in their silvery spacecraft seeking planets to dominate and agage war with. They accomplish this with a combination of trickery and force, seeking to turn such worlds into bases from which they can launch further assaults on their enemies. If a Mutoid scheme is found out or if they deem it more expedient to their evil goals, force will be used without hesitation.

Mutoids native appearance is as reptilian humanoids with distended fanged jaws and powerful claws, however they rarely let anyone see this form, instead transforming themselves into a more human like creature that retains some lizard-like traits but without fangs and claws. If their plotting calls for it, they can take the likeness of any person they have observed and also perfectly mimic their speech if they have heard it. Mutoids can also shapeshift into inanimate objects such as rocks.

In addition to their natural weaponry, they commonly carry Flame Dart rifles that project a flaming missile fire damage if it strikes a foe.  They also commonly use rocket powered jet packs.

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