Savage Herculoids Notes

Savage Herculoids Notes

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The three humanoid characters were the only ones who could communicate in English.

Zandor – The protector of Amzot/Quasar, and leader of The Herculoids. Zandor is King of the land of Amzot and is also the leader of the Herculoids. Zandor carries a shield and also packs a slingshot with which he can fire energy rocks. Zandor is in peak athletic condition. He has the strength of two men. He is an accurate marksman with his shield and slingshot. His shield will return to him when thrown. He also uses his shield as a parachute at times.

Tara – Zandor’s wife. Tara is the wife of Zandor and is also Queen of Amzot. She is also the mother of Dorno. Tara is also an excellent marksman with a slingshot and energy rocks.

Dorno – Son of Zandor and Tara. Dorno is the son of Zandor and Tara. Dorno is 13 years old. He is also an expert marksman with a slingshot and energy rocks.

A couple of unanswered questions that can grow into an adventure – 

  • Why is this family living like Tarzan, regressed in tech, when many of their enemies rely on advanced tech?  Swiss Family Robinson scenario?
  • Where are these energy rocks come from?  Tundro droppings?  Or is it a secret to this world?


The five creature characters of The Herculoids are:

Zok  – A flying space dragon. He can emit laser beams or “power rays” from his eyes and tail. His eyes also produce a “nega-beam” that can neutralize certain energy attacks. Zok can survive in space unaided, is capable of interstellar travel, and can breathe fire. He is also strong enough to fly with two people on his back.

Igoo – A rock ape. An extremely large and powerful simian, he has extremely dense rock-like skin and is nearly invulnerable to harm. In one episode, Igoo wades through a pond of molten lava. Igoo has a kind and gentle temperament as well as a great fondness and devotion for Tara, and would do anything for her.  Igoo is vulnerable to extreme cold and high voltage electric shock.

Tundro – A ten-legged, four-horned rhino/triceratops hybrid. He can shoot explosive energy rocks from his cannon-horn. His natural armor-plating is exceptionally strong, similar to Igoo’s rock skin. His legs have the ability to extend to a remarkable length, somewhat like stilts. He can also spin his head at blinding speed, allowing him to drill through solid rock, and has the ability to make magnificent leaps. Tundro is vulnerable to electric shock.

Gloop and Gleep  – Two protoplasmic creatures. They are able to absorb and deflect energy blasts and laser beams, often placing themselves between attackers and other Herculoids to act as shields. They can also form shapes including, but not limited to: cushions, trampolines or parachutes to break falls; stretching themselves between tree limbs or rocks to act as slingshots; encircling an attacker’s limbs to restrain them, or the entire body to squeeze and render them unconscious. Gloop is the larger of the two.

A couple of unanswered questions that can grow into an adventure – 

  • Are these creatures native this this world or are the genetically engineered by ancient aliens?

It is implied in the series that Zandor, his family and the Herculoids were all fighting to keep Amzot/Quasar a technology-free, primitive planet. This is further indicated by the lifestyle Zandor, Tara, and Dorno lead (including the barbarian-like outfits) and the fact that technology was used mainly by the villains, but rarely if ever by the heroes.

Why is it that this planet, above all the planets in the implied universe, “protected” from technology?  Has it had a past with technology and Zandor knows it?  Are the Herculoids the leftovers of a time when tech ruled the planet?

A number of episodes featured alien invaders who came to Amzot/Quasar to seek revenge against Zandor for an unspecified battle or adventure from the past. All were apparently technocratic, and the grudges seemed to basically boil down to them being stymied in their attempts at bringing technology to Amzot/Quasar, which the apparently primitivistic Zandor wanted to avoid.

Is there more of a history here?  Is Zandor a forgotten warrior from a past techno war that he does not speak of?



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