Psi-Kader, the Reich’s Psychic Squad

Psi-Kader, the Reich’s Psychic Squad


The Reich was heavily involved with Occult and Psychic experiments early on.  The early Nazis regimes had delved into “mind sciences” with an eye toward their application to warfare, even to the extent of exploring occult practices.  Occultists like Baron Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorff, Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels, Guido von List, Dietrich Eckart and Karl Haushofer – all of whom had immersed themselves in the philosophies of the Theosophical Society – were tapped to explore the powers of the mind and occult for military applications.

Theosophy, derived from the Greek theos (god) and sophia (wisdom), was an attempt to blend Christianity with Cabalistic and Eastern mysticism. One tenet of theosophy was that “Great or Ancient Masters” or “Great White Brotherhood,” are secretly directing humankind’s evolution.  The rationale behind many Nazi projects can be traced back to ideas first popularized by Theosophical Society founder Helen Blavatsky, and its connections with other European secret societies, such as the Anthroposophical Society of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Oriental Templars, and the Order of the Golden Dawn.

Strongly linked to the roots of the Nazi party was the Thule Society,  said to be a as a cover organization for much deeper occultic and psychic work.  It is said that the original conception of the Thulists was extremely crude and naive, and thus causing the apparent dissolution of the organization.  However, a more sophisticated versions of the myth of Thule and were later refined under the direction of Himmler, who terrorized a large section of the academic world into lending a professional hand at perpetuating the myth of Aryan racial superiority.  Related to the Thule Society was the Vril of which  General Karl Haushofer, was a member of the mysterious occult society.  It is said that the Vril also practiced telepathy and telekinesis experiments.

The Reich today accredits many of these groups’ and people’s work to the modern rise of Psychic Power.  Some say they were able to contact higher or ancient beings to give them the advantages they needed to win the war, while others may simply believe they read the minds of their enemies.  Regardless of how they did it, the existence of modern psychic power can not be denied.

This emergence of extranormal powers was seen nothing short of a national threat to the Reich and the Empire.  Both sought to control it.  The Reich gave birth to the Psi-Kaders, squads of psychically powered individuals that serve the Reich.  Their primary function is to hunt down unregistered psychics and either recruit or kill them.  The Reich has set up several training camps for these talented individuals to be “trained” and “educated” into the ways of the Reich’s extranormal corps.



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