01.01 Mega Corporations

01.01 Mega Corporations

CorporationSectorNameSystem NamePlanet NameNotes
Akme Omniversal (AO)Grimsyn SectorHyperionProsperoAssets: Holding company, 22 subsidiaries, mining & manufacturing operations, superstores on over 100 worlds.
Products/Services: General product corporation, main competitor to Sable.
BartonCorpBartonHuntworldAssets: Resort and big game hunting world.
Becker CorporationMakers of personal enhancemenst & cyberware.
BioTekGrimsyn SectorHyperionProsperoAssets: holding company, pharmaceutical companies, cyber-shops, numerous research labs. Products/Services: Drugs, cybernetics, genetics, and other biochemical products/services.
BrodieCentauran Core SectorBerlasBerlasAssets: holding company & 108 subsidiaries. Products/Services: Manufacturing of weapons & armor. Recently invested in cyberware manufacturing plants.
Centauran/WolfCentauran Core SectorCentaurusCentaurusAsstes: Holding company & 81 subsidiaries. Products/Services: spacecraft construction, vehicle replacement parts, & Quantum drives.
ConglomeratePrimaryPrimary 4Alien race societal-corporation run by the Conglomerate alien race.
Cross-Sector Entertainment.Grimsyn SectorHarmoniaParadise IIAssets: Holding company, Paradise II resort world, 500 resort on-planet.
Products/Services: CSN network, laser-pulse news service, amusement parks& resorts.
Fleet Corp

Products/Services: Fleet spacecraft construction
Furtherman ArmsCentauran Core SectorOclimOclimAssets: Holding company & 74 subsidiaries. Product/Services: Eminent arms, armor, & cyberware producer.
Gurtman Inc.

Products/Services: Small Weapons
Inzaran MaterialDextraxusDextraxus-4
Jenrad MegaCorpGrimsyn SectorHyperionProsperoAssets: Holding company, numerous subsidiaries. Products/Services: General corporations, from stocks & banking to arms & shipbuilding. the standard in diversified corporations.
Kereteka Corp

Products/Services: Small starships

Products/Services: Small craft, drop ships, and small warships.
MacElroy/Yamaguchi YardsGrimsyn SectorHyperionProsperoAssets: Holding company, parts manufacturing plants, numerous ship yards. Products/Services: Ship design & construction.
Makor CorporationCentauran Core SectorWildwoodWildwoodProducts/Services: Computer engineering.
Marga MegacorporationOstixOstixA fringer corporation, the makers of the UIX. Rivalling Networld in power, they sell computer systems as well as data. They also have close dealing with the black market
Maxim CorporationCentauran Core SectorSiriusSiriusAssets: Research company with 3 subsidiaries. Products/Services: Specializes on genetic engineering & research, psionic research & testing, braintaping & cloning.
McGinley CorporationCentauran Core SectorCentaurusCentaurusAssets: Holding company with 10 subsidiaries. Products/Services: modern arms, armored space suits & enviro-suits & powered armor
MedifastGrimsyn SectorZed 24-BMarusAssets: Holding company & walk-in first aid stations on 2500 worlds. Products/Services: Emergency Medical services
Metkal MegCorp

NetWorld, Inc.Centauran Core SectorCentaurusCentaurusAssets: Holding Company and 225 subsidiaries; co-owners, Shatterbases 1-4; Corporate facilities on over15,000 planets. Products/Services: Communications conglomerate, branched out into arms & cyberware manufacturing, vehicle development, food production & countless other areas.
New You CorporationCentauran Core SectorCentaurusCentaurusAssets: Holding company with 38 subsidiaries & several thousand clinics. Product/Service: Syntheskin surgery, cybersurgery & other aesthetic services.

Products/Services: small craft, drop ships, & warships of up to 5,000 tons.
Plance-Norton CorpCentauran Core SectorXanaduXanaduGambling & resort corporation that owns the planet Xanadu.
Rand MegaCorps

Randall-HollingsCentauran Core SectorFilarFilarAssets: Holding company & 21 subsidiaries; corporate facilities & mining interests on 30-50 worlds. Products: Major mining corporation.
Sable CorporationGrimsyn SectorNew SolNew EarthAssets: Holding company & 24 subsidiaries, manufacturing & transport operations, superstores on over 400 planets. Products/Services: General manufacturing, from affordable weapons to kitchen aids
Seleucid Corporation


Products/Services: Refitting old ships with advanced upgrades.

Products/Services: spacecraft software & sensors
Standard MiningGrimsyn SectorMirakStankylAssets: Holding company & mining facilities on 11 planets. Products/Services: Mining raw ore.
Terra-Sol ShipyardsCentauran Core SectorSolOld Earth
TestronTestron is the leader in cybernetic replacement organs. They are more resilient and longer lasting than natural organs.
Tirrell-YodaniProducts/Services: Star freighters, liners, & powerplants
Trinity CorpCelari Assets: Runs Fleet Penal Colonies
Universal Computer TechnologiesGrimsyn SectorNew SolNew EarthAssets: holding company, 12 susidiaries, 50 manufacturing plants, 23 software companies. Products/Services: computers systems, parts & software of every size.
Van Kyling ManufacturingGrimsyn SectorMirakStankylAssets: holding company, shipyards on 4 planets, manufacturing facilities on 12 planets. Competitor to Standard Mining for the planet StanKyl Products/Services: Spaceship, heavy equipment systems, & machinery
Victoria LinesGrimsyn SectorNew SolNew EarthAssets: Holding company, 29 shipyards, 12 subsidiaries, 1 luxury hotel chain, 12 spaceliners. Products/Services: Travel & cruise lines.
Vortex Corporation

Products/Services: Small craft

Products/Services: Illegal spaceship & starship hardware & software, primarily for pirates.