00a – Savage Star Frontiers Timeline

00a – Savage Star Frontiers Timeline

The following section is a list of major events in the history of the Frontier. (pf = Pre-Frontier; FY = Frontier Year)

Year Events
15,000 pfLast remnants of the mysterious precursor Tetrarch Societies die out.  Also called the Ancients or Elders, they leave behind "custodian" races to watch over the growing and evolving galaxy.
1000 pf Heliopes left on Starmist by Clikks after a Clikk military exploration vessel is forced to jettison unnecessary cargo.

The Vrusk Incorporation Expansion

600-500 pfVrusk colonize various worlds with reach o fhteir homeworld, using left over Tetrarch technology. Colonies on K'tsa-Kar, K'aken-Kar, and Kizk'-Kar established.
410 pfVrusk make first contact with the Dralasite on the Dralasite homeworld of Flaginnor.

The First Expansion

302 pfWith Vrusk advanced technology, the Dralasites expand space, discovering Cassidine and Fromeltar systems. First contact between Cassidine humans and the Dralasites.
300 pfThe Vrusk Incorporation, Dralasites Assembly, and Humans (from Cassidine) meet for the first time to form the first alliance, called the Triad Accords. Triad is established as a join colony, leaving Repurt's Hole to the humans.
299 pfThe Vrusk Incorporation reveal the discovery of humans in Theseus system, planet Minotaur.
270 pfThe Vrusk Incorporation make contact with the Yazirian Empire on their colony world of Althor.

The Founding of the Frontier

230 pfPan-Galactic Corporation started on Gran Quivera.
220 pfThe Vrusk Incorporation reveals humans on Dixon's Star system.
210 pf Madderly's Star system discovered by Dralasite Assembly, Vrusk Incorporation and Prenglar humans.
205 pfMadderly's Star system becomes a human system after the human rebellion on Kdikit.
204 pfDay of Death on the Eorna home-world (what is now known as Volturnus).  Needing a place to monitor beyond the Xagyg Dust Nebula, Sathars invade the planet and all but wipe out the Eorna.
200 pfPale and New Pale discovered in the Truane's Star system. Pale colonized by a mixed race mission,while more humans are discovered on New Pale.
170 pfDramune system discovered and colonized by Dralasites Assembly. Inner Reach establsiehd as a Dralasite colony, and Outer Reach was established as a mixed race colony.
166 pfThe evolution of the Mechanon race begins on Volturnus.
155 pfGruna Garu system discovered and colonized by Yazirians Empire.
152 pfTimeon system discovered and colonized by Pan-Gal/Prenglar Humans.
135 pfA peaceful alliance between the major stellar nations of Vrusk, Dralasites, and Yazirians is established, called the Prenglar Accords. Humans are brought into the accords in 132 pf after strong political pressure from all human factions. The region of space called the Frontier is established.
129 pf. Araks system discovered and colonized by Yazirians Empire.

The Age of Adventure

The expansion of new planets slows down for the next century while the major races concentrate on mapping the hazards and boundaries of the Frontier. Hundreds of exploration vessels and brave spacers are lost during this time. Meanwhile, the discovered planets begin to develop. Thousands of fortunes are made and lost during this time.
124 pfExploration and mapping of the inner regions of the Greater Morass is started.
118 pfScree Fron system discovered and colonized by Yazirians Empire.
101 pfThe Xagyg Dust Nebulae mapping project started from Fromeltar.
90 pfWhite Light system discovered and colonized by Theseus Humans.
87 pfThe White Light Nebulae mapping project started.
82 pfPan-Galactic established as the first mega-corp in the Frontier.
76 pfThirty-two exploration vessels are lost trying to map the Xagyg Dust Nebula near Truane's Star. Myths of space krakens begin to circulate.
66 pfThe first Common Muster is called as pirates become a huge problem between the space lanes of the Core around Prenglar and the outer systems.
67-54 pfThe Core Pirate Wars wage until the Pirate King Hatzck Naar is captured and spaced. The first calls for a common military and law enforcement arm are made.
44-40 pfThe area beyond the Greater Morass claims hundreds of exploration vessels. Exploration of the area ceases and it is named the Vast Expanse.

The Awakening

36-22 pfRevolts and demonstrations occur throughout human worlds as a strong anti-alien sentiment fills each world. Equal rights for humanity is demanded. Seeing their treatment as second class citizens by the other races, humanity rises upin violence. Equal rights for humanity is demanded. Much of their angst is directed at the Vrusk Assembly for their as seen as the older of the races and holder of many secrets. Wars against the other races break out everywhere.
21 pfThe Commonality Treaty - Despite the many attempts to stop a human unification by the other major races, leaders of the various human factions meet on New Pale to create a unified human stellar nation called the Commonality.
22 pfThe Prenglar Peace Accords - The First Awakening ends with humanity signing with their other races an agreement that gained humanity some consessions. However, many human military leaders were arrest for war crimes.
16 pfMore ships are lost as they explore the Nebulas, signinalling to all that there is definitely something beyond them.

The Sathar War

12 pfThe Sathar invade Frontier space from beyond the Xagyg Dust Nebula. They attack the Truane's Star system. Pale and New Pale fall. The Great Exodus to Dixon's Star Ssytem takes place.
10 pfThe four races muster a spaceship fleet. The second Common Muster is called and put under the command of Admiral Morgaine, who immediately moves the fleet to the Cassidine system
9 pfThe Battle of Triad. Morgaine's fleet performs a surprise attack on the invading Sathar fleet intent on ravaging Traid. The Sathar lose a third of their fleet.
6 pfDixon's Star system is attacked by Sathar fleet. Completely unprotected it is soon ravaged. Meanwhile Morgaine moves his fleet to the Prenglar system.
3 pfThe Sathar attack Gran Quivera in the Prenglar system, in the Core. The Battle of the Two Fleets is fought. The invading Sathar fleet is routed and destroyed. Morgaine's fleet is seriously depleted and Morgaine dies in battle. With this mutual devastation the Sathar War comes to an end. Morgaine's World in the Prenglar system is named after the fallen Admiral.
1 pfThe Grand Meeting of leaders of the four races takes place on Morgaine's World. The beginnings of a unified government for the Frontier began.

The United Planetary Federation Era

1 FYThe United Planetary Federation, a mutual defense organization, is established. All worlds of the Frontier, expecting another Sathar invasion, immediately join. Under UPF authority, Spacefleet becomes a permanent defensive force, the Council of Worlds is established as the interstellar legislature, and Star Law established as the law enforcement and intelligence arm.
3 FY The Brotherhood of Spacers becomes the first cadre on the Frontier.
4 FYThe Capellan Free Merchants first apear on the Frontier bringing news of the Rim beyond the Xagyg Nebula. New trade is establsihed with new races like the Ifshnit, Osakar and the Humma.
6 FYThe First Dramune War is fought.

The Second Expansion Era

11 FYThe Lynchpin system is discovered by the Vrusk Incorporation. They turn the system over to the UPF for development as a military outpost to protect that sector of the Frontier. The Lynchpin system is a military secret.
12 FYFrontier ships enter Rim space for the first time. Not entirely trusting, the UPF demains that all outer region worlds allow the UPF to eastablish Spacefleet based in each of their systems. Some see this as an overreach of power, particularly in Truane's Star.
20 FYThe Streel Corporation is founded on Pale.
24 FYThe Sundown system is discovered by remote probes.
26 FYCassidine Development Corporation is founded on Triad. The creation and growth of mega-corps proceeds at an ever-accelerating pace.
27 FYDevco system is discovered by the Cassidine Development Corporation.
30 FYSolar Major system discovered by WarTech Incorporated.

The Blue Plague

33-43 FY A strange alien plague sweeps the Frontier. Scientists believe it to be of alien origin - perhaps infected vermin from a newly explored planet somehow gained entry to a ship, which in turn makes several stops on the Frontier and the plague spreads rapidly. It is called the Blue Plague because of its earliest symptoms -- large blue welts that appear about the face and extremities. These welts leave horrible black scars even if the victim survives the plague. The UPF ceases all extended exploration until a cure is found. In 27 FY, the Blue Plague is eradicated from inhabited planets in the Frontier. In total, 17 billion victims fell to the plague.
 44 FYVery tough laws and penalties are laid down by both the UPF and the Council of Worlds concerning the intersystem exploration, transportation and handling of flora and fauna. Star Law is given jurisdiction over planetary imports and exports.

The Third Expansion Era

 48 FYThe Second Dramune War is fought.
 47-52 FYLaaco's War. Growing corporations wage a Corporate War on Laco. The UPF eventually steps in and empowers an inter-mega-corporate commission to resolve the differences. Other mega-corps study Laco's War as a possible legal precedent for solving disputes.
 58-63 FYThe War of the Pales (aka the "Pale Food Riots" or "Truane's Star Civil War") took place between the planets Pale and New Pale in the Truane's Star system - pregressive multi-culturalist vs. Human supremacists. The war lasted 5 years but the events that lead to the war started decades before.
64 FYNew Streel system is discovered and eastblshed by the Streel Corporation.
65 FYCurrent Year

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