Savage Masterdeck 04: Picture Cards

Savage Masterdeck 04: Picture Cards

Also known as the jokers, the Picture Cards are special cards that can be used in several ways. When a character is dealt a particular picture card, it has the results described below. In Star Wars, they have specific meanings, and they are listed below.

Wild Card

When a character gets the wild card, he can look through this chapter and use the card as any card in the deck except another picture card. In addition, the character does not have to decide what card the wild card will be until he needs it. The wild card is used exactly like whatever card it becomes.

Interloper Cards (Dark & Light)

When a character is given this card, it must be played face up as if it were a subplot card. Sometime during the adventure (hopefully soon, but the timing is up to the GM), a third party should show up. The third party might show up to help the player characters, the GM characters, or to pursue their own interests. When they show up, the card is discarded, and they act normally.  The Light and Dark aspect of the card can be interprated by the GM.

Disaster or Uh Oh Card

When a character draws this card, something really bad happens – not necessarily to the character, but in general. If this card comes up outside of combat or in a situation where it is unlikely something bad would happen, then the player should put it in front of him and draw another card (as if it were a subplot card). When the gamemaster can work the disaster in, the card is discarded and something bad happens.





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