Sedion’s Journal

Sedion’s Journal

Journal entry. Today was unusual at best. As you recall from yesterday once we made the delivery that the captain scheduled we, and the people who where taking possession of the merchandise where attacked. Today I was able to complete repairs on the engine room from the
shadow-space creature’s attack.

I was also able to finish the clean up. Upon completing this in what seems to be record time I became confused as to what has happened. Knowing that I do have a tendency o get lost in my work, and the occasional conversations with the ship itself (* Note to me . I need to record some of these sometime. I am beginning to believe that the others on board of the ship do not believe me.) It was around this time that the reason for my unaccustomed efficiency was determined. It seems that Radik, a good pilot but a bit unusual, (*note to me. Djunei constantly referred to Radik as his own special punishment for the past. Need to figure out what he means.

Probably yet another form of humor that I will never understand) had left in pursuit of one of the individuals that had attacked us. Bishop , a new crewmember (may the universe protect him), had followed Radik and then returned to tell us that Radik had entered a cargo bay and not left it for some time. It was decided that for the safety of the group Radik should not be left to whatever fate had befallen him. After some searching we found him and then recovered him. Strangely enough upon obtaining his release Radik informed us that the group of individuals that captured him where actually good people and that they were only after the cargo that we were delivering. Strangely enough it turns out that we were being followed ourselves. A group of orcs joined the battle however what is strange to me is that they were using stun weaponry. Orcs are never known for being subtle and to my knowledge NEVER use stun weaponry. (probably having something to do with the more bestial nature of the foul things) one thing of note about that encounter. During the fight it seemed that Djunei fell to stun fire after taking out the last of the orcs. Not wanting to leave him there to possibly get hurt further. I went out to get him and pull him to safety. It seems that certain vital force field controls had been damaged. While Radik drug Djunei towards safely I decided that I needed to try to repair the damage.

Radik tried to help me and he was a real……blessing. (hopefully I wont be belssed with him again) I am sure he was doing his best to help. Afterward the station security showed up and of course did what they do best. At the security station we discovered that he battle with the creatures on the of their side of the gateway, (my first encounter with true mind flayers ) It seems that the house that controls this section of the great station system is at war with the Illithid. During the war the Illithid made an offensive and actually took one of the stations. The station gateway system was shifted to align with a new station. The new station was then proclaimed to be the original station number 5. The older station was simply conceded to the Illithid and the propaganda was that the dragons simply moved the station to a new location. It seems that we have stumbled on to yet another secret.

After this we then headed back to the ship. At the ship we then decided that we needed to know what was in this package after some time I was able to access the box. Inside was…………….(being encryption level 5…. !#$%!!@%1234523 aslfjgkh jasdf adflksa asd vjlkjasdfvj asdfj vna;ljkdnv;las. nmsavjnam njc nasnasvna;ljgan svjasn,,wmnasvaasov; algnvngla!@#4 masiur?$askdjfn)

It seems that many of these questions will go unanswered. At least for now. If time permits perhaps we will be able to get some answers.

As I said. It has been an unusual day.

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