Sendalven’s Sand Rats

Sendalven’s Sand Rats

Sendalven’s Sand Rats is the collection of shatrat groups that operates out of Point Bren.  They follow the leadership of the former Fleet colonel, Cror Sendalven.  Sendalven left Fleet after being framed for a war crime he did not commit in order to protect the “honor and integrity of the Fleet Admiralty.”  Since then, he found piracy and smuggling more to his liking.

The Sand Rats are not a single group of shatrats.  They are several groups all operating out of their own facility on the Point Bren, and all at the behest of Cror.  Every one of the shatrats of Point Bren are part of the Sendalven shatrat alliance, one of the strongest and loyal alliances in the Inner Frontier.  However, it is not without its own politics.

The six major shatrat groups (and their strongholds) are ”

The Silver Crows (Skrocall)

While considered a pirate group by Fleet and the Consortium, the Crows see themselves as something more.  Formed from several disparate mercenaries groups and Fleet deserters, the see themselves as unofficial protectors to the Xenos Sector.  While some see their operation as a shake down or extortion, they truly feel like their protection deserves some reward.  The Zone presents enough threat for them to take advantage of that they don’t have to create their own.

The Berserkers (Damorek)

Once a considerable fringer group of barbaric sentients, Cror killed enough of their leadership to take control of them.  They are drug addicts and mentally unstable individuals that ravaged the Inner frontier for years.  Instead of annihilating them outright, Cror chose to control them.  He first eliminated the leadership and then introduced a new and highly addictive drug to them.  He got enough of them hooked that they are now dependent on him.

The Chaos Bandits (Aekarton)

The Chaos Bandits are the group Cror trusts the least.  They were once a rival group, vying for control for Point Bren.  A small and little known war broke out at that time.

The Shade (Farios)

The Shade was Cror original crew and of all the strongholds, their’s is the one he has stayed at the most.  However, with the introduction of the Elysium Alpha Space Station, he is seen on planet less and less.

The ‘Zone Raiders (Gance)


The Siren’s Song (Zeymond)