Captain Designate Samarion’s Personal log

Captain Designate Samarion’s Personal log


 Now that I have obtained a special tactics team helmet I can at last make a true personal log entry

(Sarne stole my original special tactics team armour, and I will get it back). Currently I am a very junior crewmember of the Farstar. The Farstar’s current mission is to find Sarne, and bring him to justice. That is why I will suffer the lowly rank of sergeant aboard this vessel… I will not dignify this tub with the appellation starship, I have a hard time not laughing when members of the crew call it a capital ship. From what I have learned the Empire was just beginning to build Kalvessan size capital ships when the rebellion succeeded in over throwing the emperor. This vessel isn’t even big enough to be called a light freighter in the Kalvessan fleet, and does this vessel have problem… the first of which is the hyperdrive; it just might drive me insane. I wish that hairy excuse for a chief engineer would let me into main engineering. I bet we could gain another.25 hyperspace speed if the drive were tuned correctly. However, the greatest problem is the disparate cultural backgrounds of the crew, it seems to me that as each of the crew tries to do his/her duty members of other cultural backgrounds find fault with his/her performance. Luckily, the Kalvessan don’t have this problem, as only we can withstand the rigors of fighting our ships the way we do. This brings me to another problem. I know that the starfighter pilots aboard do the best that they can, but theX-Wing would be much improved if they could fly it without all the inertial dampers. I’ll have to close for now, one of the “officers” has another menial task for me to perform.

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