Session 01.0: Secrets of Malrath Valley

Session 01.0: Secrets of Malrath Valley

In Malrath Village is located a growing agricultural village called Gilkan.  It is one of the primary suppliers of hops and barley for Gurlock’s beer.  Their production is significantly down and the party is sent to investigate why.

Malrath Valley and Gilkan

The group arrived to meet Max Riggs, the local sheriff.  They quickly discovered that they town’s aversion to technology does not apply to weapons.  The constabulary are granted permission by the Church to protect the town with whatever means necessary.

They were told to find a man named Theodmeer Torrel, of the Southern House of Torrel.  He is a farming baron who is Gurlock’s primary contact.  Before heading out to his farm house, the party visited the renowned garden called the Grave of Golems.  It was a vast garden with amazing foliage.


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