Session 10.0: Nestora: Roseblossom

Session 10.0: Nestora: Roseblossom

[Episode 9.1 Hermit’s Road was turned into a dream.  However, it may play a major part later in the campaign]

The Group awakened to the day of the Parade with a new communication from the Baron.  He has asked the team to meet a new client down at the docks and help him find what he is looking for.  Max Dreaded, an elf bounty hunter of some kind has come to the city to look for his sister, who has gotten involved with the Autonomous Front.

They had already suspected that the AF was planning something for the Parade, but they chose not to get involved.  They also find out that “something big” was planned for the special anniversary of the Parade.  The team did some digging with the help of Vjorn surveillance tapping system and found a place where they suspect some AF agents are meeting – the Club Insanity.

In their attempts to peacefully try to find Max’s sister, the entire group ended up getting entangled with a two front battle, caught between some very tense AF agents and a family of gargoyles.

In the end, they got the information they needed to find his sister.  She is apparently wrapped up in this new plot to disrupt the parade but none of their tactics made any sense.  Their first stop before finding her was in an old river warehouse that apparently contained an aircraft of some kind.

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