Session 13.0: The Paladins of the Sky Castle

Session 13.0: The Paladins of the Sky Castle

SESSION DATE: 4/21/2017

With the Stronghold fallen from the sky and crashing to the Rustlands desert floor, the party faced a new threat.  The Paladins of the Sky Castle (a order of Agronak Orcs) attempted to capture the party to answer for the fall of the Sky Castle.  However, through a deft diplomatic move, turned the blame back on the paladins.  All returned to the sanctuary of the Paladins – the Rusthold –  an old Chaos War fort cut out of the rock.

Discovered the Orcs of Agronak are being manipulated by mutated (by Chaos) High Elves to do the bidding of Chaos.  They gained treasure for the sky stronghold as well as the Rusthold.

Additionally, they found in the possession of the lead High Elf, another Orb, of green hew.  Through some strange magic, it merged with the Orb they already had in the possession.

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