Session 15.0: A Few Drops of Water

Session 15.0: A Few Drops of Water

DATE: 05/12/2017

After returning to the Rusthold keep, the party examine the Orb once again after it has now consumed 2 other similar orbs.  Glowing purple now, the one called Max peered deeply into it, hoping to find some direction to other orbs like it.

They were visited via the strange shape-shifting ability Max possessed, by the faces of the Four Heroes of the Chaos Wars.  They conveyed a message of a dire quest to ultimately destroy the Prophet.  It turns out that she was not actually killed but imprisoned in an extra-dimensional realm. The quest will lead then to Moonperch, a mountain east of the city-state, Vorakis.

Leg one of the Trek to Moonperch

Their first stop was going to be camping out at the Southern Rust Edge Crossroads.  They stumbled across a farm (the Longáin farm) that seemed to be under attack.  They found a few bloody bodies and a smoking farm house.  In the attempt to investigate, the bodies shapeshifted into various werebeasts.  A battle ensued.

Following that, the journey continued to Tanbrel.

{plot inspired by a combination of A Fist Full of Dollars and The Warrior And The Sorceress. } Tanbrel is a town divided by two factions.  The only source of pure water in the region for days, it is controlled one of two factions – the Night Hawks of O, or the Legions of Mika.

The Night Hawks, a raider gang the party had encountered before, was no in the control of an Orc named Oogorim.  As it turns out, Oogorim was an old friend of Keliat.  Unfortunately, things did not end well between them.  The Night Hawks moved into the Tanbrel operation formerly run by Thane Mika and his legion.  A underworld war threatened to erupt and this could have destroyed the only source of clean water in the region, so an agreement was met between the two factions.  The Battle for the Pool was born.

The Battle for the Pool is a hand-to-hand combat challenge between two chosen champions.  The party saw an opportunity to gain some power while at the same time, not pay the absorbent prices they expected to pay for the water.  The next monthly Battle of the Pool was scheduled for the next day.  They challenged the current champion on the Mika side and the fight was brutal.  A massive one-eyed cyclops stepped out with a equally massive maul, prepared to take down the party’s champion – Ragnar the Orc.

The fight was spic.  While the fight distracted many of the denizens of the town, Keliat got encountered a bounty hunter seeking a Trizgarian like her.  Mistaking Keliat as his target, he attempted to nab her.  After realizing she was not who he was looking for, he recruited Keliat’s help in finding and freeing the Trizgarian, who was imprisoned in the tower of Oogorim.

With the cyclops defeated, the true Battle of the Pool waited for Ragnar.  But first, they all had to convince the Thane Mika that Ragnar was a good choice of a champion.

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