Session 16.0: Battle for the Pool

Session 16.0: Battle for the Pool

Let’s get ready to rumble!  A glorious fight between the Night Hark Champion, Myrok the Minotaur and Ragnar the Orc, the new Champion of the Legion of Mika, for the control of the water in Tanbrel.  Ever since the arrival of Oogorim and his faction Nighthawks to Tanbrel, the controlling Legion of Mika was forced to negotiate the rights to the water through the Battle or risk a massive turf battle.

Located deep within an abandoned pre-Chaos Wars factory, the arena was built out of an area cat walks suspended over pits of toxic waste. It made for a challenging fight in the past.  But due to secret party interference, the fight was rather short this time, with Ragnar the victor.

Meanwhile, another plot was hatched to permanently take over the water.Mike had secretly sent a team below the factory to find the source of the pool – the Tears of the Gods. Watched over by a third party called the Caretakers of the Tears, the source of the water turned out to be a massive alien gate with water pouring out.

The true source of water, the Tears of the Gods

The party followed this team and stopped them.