Session 18.0: Fort Skull Fire

Session 18.0: Fort Skull Fire

DATE: 2017.08.11

Buying Raz time to track down the location of the last surviving fort of the Shield of the Gods, the party prepared for the return of the Cult of the Long Night.  The outpost they currently resided in was just that, an outpost.  It also was the home to a radical cult who happened to be on pilgrimage at the time.  However, they were due back any time.   Kelliat or KitKat, Ragnar, and Durshara scouted out to perform a delaying action, while the others prepared the outpost for an assault.

The delay action was successful enough that Raz was able to find plans for the underground tunnel systems that connected the outposts with the forts.  There one surviving fort – Fort Skull Fire – was a days march through complex tunnels that might have changed since the Cataclysm.  The party prepared for the worst.  After fighting off mutated basilisks, the group surfaces to find the fort atop a massive spire they would have to climb.

Atop the spire was Fort Skull FIre, a massive fortress housing a orbital canon.  But what was guarding it?

The group scaled the walls to find dozens of large metallic sphere sitting silent inside the fort.  Journeying inward, Durshara could not resists but touch one of the spheres.  The spheres in their immediately vicinity had an instant reaction.  One would turn into a horrible spiked metallic insectoid creature.  Two would merge into a larger creature and finally three merged into an even larger version.  Meanwhile, the others gathered together somewhere in the back of the fort to form something much more horrific.

The battle was grueling but they did survive.  Now they must face cult, as they approach in massive airships.