Session 03.2 Prologue: News, Rumors & Gossip at the Pegasus Roadhouse

Session 03.2 Prologue: News, Rumors & Gossip at the Pegasus Roadhouse

Rumor: A new vein of Fulgin in some mines near Vorakis.  This vein is 10 times more pure and efficient that standard fulgin.  Horan Dank, known as the Fulgin King, was not involved in this discovery and many believe his “kingdom” is threatened.

Rumor: An cult or army of large winged lizard men is forming in the region called Kramman’s Chain

Rumor:  A cleric known as Daveus the Knowing is predicting a great rock will fall from the sky and bring on a new cataclysm, this year.  He has named the rock the Fist of Osmonius.  Daveus resides on the edge of the Rift and it is said he speaks to his God Osmonius there.

News: Gearhead (a local Nestorian vigilante) has been missing for several weeks now.  Crime on the streets has spiked, especially in the Kiravi district of Nestoria.  The notorious Crime Boss Declan Ogreheart has claimed he ran Gearhead out of town.

News: Nola Nerene, Nestorian Chief Constable of the City Guard has been disgraced since some of her own personal art collection has been stolen.  The well known rogue and underground hero Glora is rumored to know something about the theft, but it only telling the highest bidder.

Gossip:  Trade talks between Nestorian Guilds and Fishermen Coalition of Hallocke because of a sorted scandal between one of the female royals of the Hallocke nobles and a Guild apprentice.

Rumor: Some Golems of Karros are growing “sick”  and no one knows how that is possible.

News:  Bandits known as the White Hawks have increased their activity along the roads outside of Nestoria.  Their new leader, Lazarus Umbra – a very angry Orc – apparently wishes to return the lands outside the city-states to chaos.

News: A Convention of top technicians and mages is convening at the Twilight Academy to discuss new developments and technologies.  Protests of those that still hold the Prophets ideals have crowded the streets in one of the largest protests of its kind.


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