Sessions 34 – 35: The Last Warhulk, PEACE!

Sessions 34 – 35: The Last Warhulk, PEACE!

Dates: 11/14/2012 to 11/28/2012

Where: The Verge: Aegis to Terivine

Joined up with a Starmech intelligence officer and a Bluefall Regency military advisor, the party goes after the last Warhulk.  A massive warmachine made during the second Galactic War, it was lost during a major engagement and thought lost.  Reappearing 30 years later, it is acting on a self-subscribed mission to destroy Alitar, a former Thuldan colony.  The makers, Starmech Collective wants to stop their creation before it causes another galactic war.

Meeting the Warhulk at Terivine system in the Verge, they planned to send the PEACE program to get the ship to stand down.  Unfortunately, due to the actions of a double agent, the PEACE program fails.  Thwarting the double agents efforts to take over their own ship, they are left in space with the warmachine still on the lose and no way to get it to stand down.

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