Rahweh & Sethipher

Rahweh & Sethipher

Sethifer Vs Rahweh Saga

A Battle of Two Brothers


Rahweh and Sethipher are brothers by blood only. They each have an intense hatred for each other and what each of them represent. Rahweh stands against the Dark Lords, hunting their minions down to save humanity while Sethipher ambitiously pursues to become a Dark Lord. They are both Sorcerers and both a special breed of ETs. Their story is of an unending chase through the centuries, through the protodimensions; one chasing his dreams of becoming a Dark Lord, the other chasing his brother to stop him. They settled on Earth at the beginning of the new century where their battle continues. Now, Sethipher has found ultimate power. He has reached a Core Dimension; one of the most powerful Core dimensions – Earth’s Dimension. He now has access to endless other protodimensions. With each one he accesses, his powers grow.

Rahweh knows he has to stop his brother because that was what he has been training for, for centuries. The Prophecy of his forefathers saw this battle from the beginning, but never knew what would happen in the end. They laid out tools for Rahweh to use to defeat his brother on each ambitious conquest he attempted. On Earth, Rahweh has yet to find the tools he is to use, but only knows that their are two and they are the key to stopping Sethipher once and for all.

Sethipher is now accessing the protodimensions with help from an Earth corporation. However, he knows not what he does… the power he uses is corrupt and is destroying the dimensional fabric around Earth; he is tearing instead of cutting. This leaves holes that lead beyond the protiodimensions to another Core Dimension… the Core Dimension of Flesh-machines… of techno-horror… of pain and pleasure… of Tharkold.


Main Antagonist Summary

Description: He is of a ET Humanoid race known as the Abronian, pale-gold skin with black eyes, with star-like irises. His eyes have golden specks giving his eyes the appearance of deep space. He is very tall (2.8 meters) and very skinny and thin skinned. He normally wears a large hat and long rain coat or duster, under which he wears Flak armor vest.

Skills & Powers: Sethifer is a very powerful Sorcerer/Mystic (Mystical Sorcerer). He has a powerful network of minions & collaborators among the humans that he pays well for service. He has developed a large array of Sorcerer spells from the MANY protodimensions he has visited.

Motivations & Goals: Megalomaniac proto-Dark Lord seeking a “permanent master”; currently gaining power by hiring out as a mercenary for the Dark Lords, and building a dark network this way. Through this power, he continues to develop his own protodimensional door device. He discovered the plans for this device through one of his jobs with a Dark Lord against another, inside the enemies’ darktech biocomputer. Unfortunately, he never found out why this particular device was never built.

He prefers to corrupt scholars & educational institutions because these are where the minion hunters most often hide. He keeps good track of his enemies.

Disadvantages: Sethifer has a fear of water, developed when his family crashed on earth several hundred years ago.


Main Ally to the Protagonists 

Description: Brother to Sethifer, he also is an ET Humanoid, pale-gold skin with black eyes, with star-like irises. His eyes have golden specks giving his eyes the appearance of deep space, as well. He is shorter than his brother, about normal human height. He has a problem with the sun, so he wears a large robe that is similar to an elaborate red Persian rug. He carries a book written in no language any human or non-Abronian has ever seen. It is said that all his families’ knowledge is in it dating back several dozen centuries.

Skills & Powers: Rahweh is a powerful Sorcerer of sorts, centering on the powers of death, undeath, and flame. He would be considered a Vampire hunter of sorts, “…seeking out the destruction of all that feeds off the misery of this universe and others…… He specializes in the killing of Bloodkin, although he has been call to kill other minions and some non-minions. He is also a master in assassination and a special version of martial arts that allows him to use proto-dimensions to send his blows behind or underneath his opponents blows.

Motivations & Goals: Rahweh is currently questing to bring his brother down, at any cost. This is his only primary goal. Any others have to bring him closer to his primary goal. He enlists many minion hunters to help, but rarely trusts them 100%, and rarely values them any further than a ally.

Disadvantages: Rahweh has a slight physical sensitivity to the Earth’s Sun, an allergy common amongst his race. He usually wears some kind of cloak to protect his skin, but if caught without it in the sun, he can not act until protected from the sun because the pain is so great.


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