Setting: Fading Suns (True20)

Setting: Fading Suns (True20)


I have always felt that Fading Suns settings is a setting desperate for a better rule set than the one it was stuck with. With all due respect to Bill Bridges and those that created the Victory point system, it simply does not work well.

I tried the d20 version and that turned out to be broke, like many d20 games of that era. True20 seemed more balanced, so I went that route. I found someone else’s conversion (sorry for the lack of credit, but I forgot who wrote this) and reworked it to something I felt worked better.  I threw out the FS d20 supernatural stuff and worked with the existing True20 stuff.  I converted a lot from FSd20, but also added a few things not canon. (Empath Psychic Path, Technomancer supernatural path).

I also converted Antinomy, added Changed, and other minor things.

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