Ships of Clement Sector 2 – Vulkan-class Attack Boat Tender

Ships of Clement Sector 2 – Vulkan-class Attack Boat Tender

From: Gypsy Knights Games
Reviewed by: Ron McClung

Ships of Clement Sector 2: Vulkan-class Attack Boat Tender is a new RPG Supplement from Gypsy Knights Games.

I have reviewed a lot of the Clement Sector line.  I think it is clear I find the setting subtly inspiring and creative.  If you like gritty realistic campaign settings, this is the setting you are looking for.  It is versatile but also grounded.

Ships of Clement Sector is a series of small supplements that not only gives you details of a very useful ship, but it also gives you an inspiring background behind the development of that ship.  Most people would breeze over that, but in a setting like Clement, the development of a new line of ships is a big deal.  The politics behind the development of a ship like this can inspire an adventure easily.

From page #4: “Since becoming stranded here in the Clement Sector her life had taken a new turn with the introduction of these new attack boats, officially called Schnell Angriffsboot and Torpedieren Sie Angriffsboot. For the English speaking officers and crew in the Hub Federation Navy, they were more commonly known as Fast Attack Boats and Torpedo Attack Boats respectively, … ”

Of course the bulk of the PDF is made up of layouts of the ship.  The Vulkan-class Attack Boat Tender was built based on an old school concept of British World War II Motored Gun Boats/Motored Torpedo Boats and a modern concept of a tender that carries a number of these boats.  The end result is a very practical carrier or tender ship with 12 gun boat ships attached to it.

From page #4: “… and as far from the designs of the assault landers as you could get while still being called a small craft. It was as similar a difference as the distance of the Loire or Seine rivers at home on the other side of the conduit from here.”

The supplement details the various types of attack boats – a fast attack boat bristling with energy weapons and missiles; a torpedo attack boat with large anti-ship torpedoes, and Advanced Space Reconnaissance and Control (ASRAC) boat.  These ships are sleek and cool looking.  The renderings for each ship is top-notch, as I have come to expect from Gypsy Knights.  The ship deck plans are also easily used for combat maps if needed.

Also included are details on the tender ship that carries 12 of the gun boats.  It has a very practical and believable design.  It includes a launch which is also detailed and mapped out.  Collectively, this ship can act as a central ship for a player party and an attack boat their ship.

Scattered throughout the PDF is a well-written short story that also helps inspire you with game ideas.  Along with that is fuselage art from various squadrons of attack boats, which add a very cool feel to the whole supplement.

In conclusion, this is an inspiring supplement with a very cool idea for a ship.  I would use this in most any sci-fi setting.

For more details on Gypsy Knights Games and their new RPG SupplementShips of Clement Sector 2: Vulkan-class Attack Boat Tender” check them out at their website

Codex Rating: 18

Product Summary

Ships of Clement Sector 2: Vulkan-class Attack Boat Tender
From: Gypsy Knights Games
Type of Game: RPG Supplement
Author: Michael Johnson
Cover Artists:
Ian Stead
Ian Stead, Michael Johnson, Bradley Warnes
Curtis Rickman
Number of Pages: 49
Game Components Included: One PDF
Game Components Not Included: Core Traveller rulebooks
Retail Price: $5.99(US)

Reviewed by: Ron McClung