Sir Justinius Hawkwood

Sir Justinius Hawkwood


Highbreed Dawn – (As a player character) Human Knight / Noble. Loyal to House Hawkwood, The Emperor, Questing Knights (John Reavis). An aspiring questing knight of great conviction and honor.

The Mysterium Platonis – (as an NPC) – Promoted to Baron after the death of his father. Former Questing Knight Hawkwood, loyal to the Emperor. Drawn back home to Criticorum, to take over his dead father’s position, he left a quest undone and wishes it finished.

20+ Questions to Justinius 

What is your species?  Human

Are you a traditionalist to your alien heritage? Traditional noble

What is your gender? Male

What is your sexuality? Heterosexual

What is your planet of birth? Leminkainen

Did you ever live on another planet? Not really, I have visited other planets as a tourist and as a member of the military.

What defined your childhood? Duty and a very curious nature, and a friendship with a young starwolf.

Who were your parents? Minor Nobles of Hawkwood

hat defined your adolescence? Duty and military discipline.

Who were your friends? Comrades in the space navy and the strike team.

What is your social background? Minor nobility

How wealthy was your family? Moderately wealthy, the family had multiple retainers for various purposes, such as martial arts training, cleaning, food preparation and defense.

Did you grow up in urban or rural area?   Rural area.

Were you born serf, freeman or noble? Noble

What is your profession?   Noble/soldier (Knight)

Why did you become this? I am the third son of the family and didn’t want to cause problems for family secession.

Have you wanted to be anything else?   Other than being the best knight possible, no.

What are your religious convictions? I believe in the Pan-Creator.

How strongly do you adhere to them? I try to adhere to the orthodox beliefs with the exception of the xeno-phobic doctrines.

Have you ever been interested in other faiths? I have tried to study other faiths in an attempt to gain knowledge of any possible enemies.

Have you ever changed faiths? No. Are you superstitious or rational? I try to be rational.

Do demons exist? I’m not absolutely sure, I suspect that they do, but also realize that they may be the church’s version of the boogie man.

What is your own conviction of yourself? I’m a good person that tries to be certain that I follow the rules, unless the rules are used improperly.

Are you destined for greatness?  I believe so

Do things always work your way? Usually, and when they don’t, it usually works out better.

What is your opinion on technology?  Technology should be used for the benefit / protection of the realm.

Is the church a good arbitrator on technology? For the masses, yes. Sometimes they are overly protective in relation to the nobility.

Did the Second Republic fall because of Hubris? Yes, as they allowed technology to develop faster than they were able to deal with.

What is your opinion of politics? Politics is neither good nor bad, it is how and why things are done that can be good or bad.

Do you love the Emperor? Yes, I certainly respect him for being able and willing to do what he feels must be done to protect the realm.

Do you look up to your liege lord(s)? Yes

Would you defend your homeland? Yes, and have.

What religion/sect do you follow? Orthodox.

What is your opinion of the Church? The Church is required to help all people to live a good life, and to teach a moral code.

What does your religion think of you?

In general they would respect me, with the possible exception of my beliefs on technology and aliens.

How devout a practitioner are you? In my own way I feel I am very devout.

Does money motivate you? Only to the point that is required to fulfill the needs of myself and my friends and I try to use my money to, in so small way, make other lives better.

What do you think of the League? The league as keepers and developers of technology they are needed, though their avarice concerns me.

What are your long term objectives? To work for the betterment of society.

Medium and short term? I would like to join the Order of the Phoenix, and become a true knight.

What are your leisure activities? Study of various subjects, and training in the martial arts.

What would you do with a lot of money? Try to make life better for as many as possible.

What sort of first impression do you give? You really need to ask others that, as I not all that concerned what others think of me as long as I have a chance to prove myself to my betters.

What is your attitude on love? Love is nice, but it is not required.

What is your attitude on romance? Romance is used to make a marriage possible.

What is your attitude on marriage? Marriage is a duty for the noble, if it can be combined with love it can also be a treat.

Who is your ideal mate? The person that is best for the house.

What are you most proud about (on a personal level) in life? Being able to do my duty during and after the Emperor Wars.

What are you most ashamed about (on a personal level) in life? Not being able to fully understand the mentality of the starwolves.

Who do you most admire? The Emperor

Have you turned out the way your family/faction expected them to? I believe so.

Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t done? On a totally philanthropic level, I would like to be able to bring the disparate societies of the realm into a more harmonious whole.

What would happen if you did? The realm would prosper, and the Pan-Creator would be pleased with the realm.

What’s the worst thing that’s happened in your life? Having to leave the family.

What did you learn from it? That duty is a harsh task master, but it can be (hopefully) generous as well.

Who is your best friend? Secretly, a Starwolf of my own age and homeworld.

How did you meet? Swimming and playing in the woods of home

What do you like about this person? While he respects the power of the houses, he is not awed by it. He also sees things differently, which learning this helped me learn to try to look at as many sides of a problem as possible

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone? I had to let my starwolf friend be punished even though I could understand why he did what he felt he had to. Why? Duty.

What would you like it to say on your tombstone? He did his duty!

What are you most afraid of? Failure, and its affects on others.

What’s the most important thing in your life? (What do you value the most?) Duty, and by extension honor.

What do you like best about yourself? (Also least) I will do my duty. (works for both)

What do you like best about the other characters? (Also least) They will do what they feel needs to be done. They don’t understand duty.

How do you feel about life right now? It is preparing me for what lies ahead.

What, if anything, would you like to change? How my lack of knowledge will, likely, hurt someone.

Are you lying to yourself about something? Not to my knowledge.

What do you think of humanity? Humanity is capable of so much more.

Is it doomed? Maybe.

Is there redemption? Of course.

Who cares? The Pan-creator.

What do you think is causing the suns to fade? I’m not sure, but, if possible, I will find out.

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