Physical Description

The Skaniis are mammalian humanoid aliens that remotely resemble a cross between the Terran badger and a chipmunk. Their fur ranges in color from dark brown to a tan brown, usually as a mixture of darker and lighter colors. They are tailed, and bipedal. They have a particularly hostile temperament, supported by a high metabolism.

Average Size: 1.1 m
Average Mass:27 kg
Average Life-span: 170 yr.
Reproduction: Heterosexual, viviparous
Body Temp: 40 degrees C
(* Because of the Skaniis’s small size, they cannot use any weapons larger than Short Rifle unless mounted in some way (vehicle or tripod))

Historical Details

The Skaniis was one the Big Four of the Dominion’s genesis. However, they almost weren’t because of the Expansion wars. They took major losses to all of the other three species involved during those wars, despite the prowess in combat. Fortunately, peace was declared before the entire region was overwhelmed. And because of their tenacity at the negotiation table, they were actually able to gain most of their old territory back. Non-Skaniis historian prefer to think the other three negotiating teams gave the Skaniis their territory back to get them to shutup.

One world that was occupied by all three, changing hands through out the era, was Skani, the Skaniis homeworld. Because of this, it is a conglomeration of cultural architecture. It is a human normal world with 0.98 G gravity. The Captiol City is heralded the finest merging of Big Four Era architecture.

The Skaniis sovereigny government is somewhat democratic with a touch of totalitarianism, with ruling parties gaining power by intimidation. The people vote for hteir leaders, but they usually vote for the one that intimidates them the most. To an outsider, the Skaniis worlds always seem to be on a brink of civil war. Skaniis are masters of stress management.

No other species can actually be present at a session of Skani Parliament. Not because it’s a written rule, but because no other species could handle the auditory strain of a Skaniis debate. The Skaniis love debate, and love political debates even more. Politicians are the most respected and educated in the Skaniis society.

Skaniis have a permanent member in the Dominion Directorate, beacause of their stature as one of the Big Four.


Other than an acute sense of smell, the Skaniis have senses identical to humans.

Speech and Language

The Skaniis speak Pan-Gal Common with very squeaky voices, which most humans find annoying. The Skaniis languages are the most complicated languages to master, and the Skaniis themselves only know the key. There has not been a single non-Skaniis linguist that has mastered the languages completely.


Primary language of the Skaniis. There are several different dialects, and several different levels.


The holy language of the Skaniis writings. Only religious figures know this language.


When approached, most Skaniis seem “to have a chip on their shoulder”, so to speak. They are argumentative and quarrelsome most of the time. They even wake up grumpy. Their hero images are great, powerful leaders and stalwart debaters. When in battle or in a political debate, they are the best thing to have next to you, aside from a Smart Gun. If you can win an argument with a Skaniis, you have received the highest honor according to them, and that particular Skaniis will treat you as a brother.

The Skaniis have stronger contempt than their normal level for the Torani, S’saran, and Candrosian. They distrust every member of these races they see, and until they have proven themselves to the Skaniis, the Skaniis always has at least one gun sight on them, in most cases.

Oddly, the most annoying race in the galaxy are their strongest allies. The K’Dasi have even represented the Skaniis and their intersests in the Directorate when the Skaniis representative was “asked to leave indefinitely”, which happens more often than one could imagine.

Social Structure and Standards.

The normal marriage arrangements are usually serial polygamy. That is, they do not have more than one mate at one given time, but over the course of a lifetime it is socially acceptable (in fact expected) to have four or five or more mates.

Skaniis pride education, and have the most elaborate educational system in the Dominion. This system has one purpose: to fuel better debate.

Names Common to the Skaniis

The Skaniis have several names that most others can’t pronounce, so they assign a separate name for non-Skaniis to use.

Racial Abilities

Skaniis Temper – The Skaniis have an almost uncontrollable temper. The volatility of the Skaniis temper is known throughout the F-R-D sector. Unlike the Yazirian and Urtoran Battle Rage, which is controlled by the individual, the Temper of a Skaniis is not as easily controlled. (It is at the liberty of the GM.). The Skaniis can call upon it at will, like in battle. Sometimes it happens when the Skaniis doesn’t intend it to, like in an argument, or when the Skaniis doesn’t get his way. When the Skaniis does enter into this temper, he only receives a +1 column shift in melee. The benefit from this is the Skaniis hormone system injects a highly potent form of Adrenaline, which allows the Skaniis to take more damage without effect, temporarily, of course. The particular Skaniis multiplies his STA by 1.3, and his STR x 1.5. When the Skaniis “returns” from his craze, the damage taken is subtracted from his original STA, which returns to normal, as does his STR. If the STA is below zero, he enters into a comatose state until he is treated for his injuries or he heals back naturally, which ever comes first. SUCCESS RATE: [{STA/10}+{INT/10}]%

Aerial Acrobatics– The Skaniis, being descendents of agile rodent-like creatures, have a natural ability to perform aerial stunts. Specialization skill in Entertaining: Ariel Acrobatics Level [1d3].

Claws– +4 to Punching Score

Fur Armor– 5 points extra armor protection against impact hits.

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