05.00 Skill Ware d6

05.00 Skill Ware d6

Skill WareDiff. to InstallWound Level CausedCyber RatingCost
NW Chip Reader, vIModerateincapacitated0.5900
SkillNerve, vlDifficultmortal13500
– vIIDifficultmortal16500
– vlllDifficultmortal118000

Skillsofts and Knowledgesofts

NetWorld Chip Reader

A neural chip reader is necessary to use any Skill, Training, Hybrid, or Knowledgesofts (hereafter collectively referred to as neuralsofts). Chip reader vI handles Knowledge and Training ‘softs. Chip reader vII handles all four types of neuralsofts by providing a connection interface to SkillNerve for Skillsoft use.


This add-on to SimNerve enables the use of Skillsofts. SimNerve connects the central nervous system to the cyberware, but is shielded in between. SkillNerve is an addition to SimNerve which interacts with the, muscle groups themselves. This allows commands sent from a Skillsoft to interact with the chip user’s muscles. This is also why the chip’s impulses override the user’s natural ability in a skill.

Neuralsoft Charts

The number after the add (in the “Adds” column) is the maximum level which the chip can provide. In the case of Skillsofts, the chip overrides the user’s natural skill ability as stated above. The maximums listed are for those with high Dexterity, Strength or Mechanical attributes. Therefore, even though a chip might be capable of providing a +3, if the user already has a very high attribute, the chip’s effectiveness is limited. This is due to the programming and nerveinterface limitations of the chipware itself.

KnowsoftsTechnical, Knowledge & Perception Based 
Skillsofts *Strength, Mechanical, and Dexterity Based 

*Skillsoft use requires a minimum Strength of 2D+2 for most ‘softs. This reflects the user being able to use the chipped skill without damaging himself.


Strength, Mechanical, and Dexterity Based



Hybridsofts are basically Training softs with body language and mannerisms added. To get these movements, though, one still has to have SkillNerve installed.

Hybrid Chips are only available for skill specializations.

Hybrids also work a bit differently than Skillsofts. If the character has a general skill in, for example, Cultures at Knowledge +1D along with a specialization of and additional pip to Cultures: Wookie rituals and then he chipped a Hybrid Cultures +2 Wookie rituals, his total would be +3 pips in Cultures: Wookie rituals. The character’s +1 pip specialization does not help although his general skill levels do. This is in contrast to a Skillsoft, which would only provide the chip pips. Practice with the chip is still necessary; one week of practice is needed for each +2 of chip adds.


The following list shows skills not covered individually and details about what Hybridsofts are available in various markets. All the following chips are Hybrids, and therefore must be applied only to skill specializations.

Con: Teaches basic con-artist tricks and produces the matching body language.

Culture: It can teach the rituals, customs, and body languages. For those rituals involving body motion (dances, gestures), the ‘soft directs the user’s body accordingly.

Intimidation: Provides techniques of the of effectively intimidating and a few actions as well.

Streetwise: This chip needs to be appropriate to the area it is used in. It provides information on where and how to cut deals, along with a few convincing moves and body language.

Survival: This chip needs to be matched to an area or a terrain. It shows survival techniques and helps in related actions (such as slowing breathing).

Persuade: This chip provides the words and body language to charm another. It must be culture and species specific.

Disguise: For a given disguise, this’soft provides tips and moves

Examples of ‘Softs

So let’s say you want to have that extra bit of know-how at your fingertips. I’ve listed some ‘softs which can help you out. They don’t replace the real thing, but having a surprise tucked away in your head can never hurt.

Brawling: Martial Arts Trainingsoft

Brawling: Martial Arts Trainingsofts are available in a variety of martial arts styles. Trainingsofts provide a maximum of the first pip in learning one martial arts style. Trainingsofts cannot be used to gain successive adds in the skill. Cost: 2000 credits.

Brawling: Martial Arts Skillsoft

Brawling: Martial Arts Skillsofts are available in a variety of martial arts styles. Use of this ‘soft requires a practice period of one week per one pip for the user to adapt to the chip’s commands. Continued practice with the chip is also necessary. It is important to insure the ‘soft was programmed for a similar species, as the greater the difference between the intended user species and the chip’s user, the less effective the chip becomes. This Skillsoft provides a maximum of 1D in brawling: martial arts. The chip user must either use the chipped skill during the course of an adventure, or specifically take time to practice. Otherwise, at the gamemaster’s discretion, the chipped skill acts at one lower skill level during the next use. Cost: 6000-15000 credits, depending on the martial art style difficulty and the legality of the chip.

Scholar Knowledgesoft

ScholarKnowsofts provide supplemental data regarding a particular scholarlyscience or subject. The user must already have the specialized scholar skill for the chip to provide theadd to skill attempts using that specialization. An untrained user might access the information, but wouldn’t be proficient in how to apply it. Similar to Scholar Knowsofts, Medicine Knowledgesofts provide medical information to the user and also must be used by a skilled user. [Adds +1 to scholar specialization skill attempts.] Cost: 1500 credits.

First Aid Knowledgesoft

First Aid Knowledgesoft provides information on basic first aid. [Adds +1 on first aid attempts. It does not provide a modifier to medicine attempts] Cost: 2000 credits.

Navigation Knowledgesoft

Navigation Knowsoft provides supplemental navigation information regarding a specific area. For example, a Astrogation Knowsoft would provide information on a specific sector or sectors of space in a format suitable for use with common starcharts. However, this Astrogation ‘soft wouldn’t provide any assistance in navigating across the continents of Haven. Cost varies; 1500 – 8000 credits, depending on locale and detail of information.

Vehicle Piloting Knowledgesoft

Vehicle Piloting Knowsofts don’t really tell one how to pilot the craft, but they do provide quick access to ship stats and procedures. This can be useful when looking for the emergency evacuation procedures while firing the main weapons, as well as correctly performing pre-flight checks. There are ‘soft versions for space ships, air ships, repulsorlift vehicles and ground vehicles, etc.. VP ‘softs can provide +1 pip to vehicle piloting operationattempts by a skilled user in an unfamiliar craft. Craft type must match the ‘soft, and the user must be skilled in the use of that category of craft (spacecraft, motorcycle, etc.). Cost range: 1500 – 2000 credits.

EVA Maneuver Knowledgesoft

This ‘soft gives information on EVA suit donning and doffing, suit equipment and tether points, basic airlock procedures, and EVA tool use for a common set of tools. EVAM ‘soft gives +1 pip for EVA maneuver attempts. Cost: 1500 credits.

Persuasion: Seduction Knowledgesoft

This ‘soft provides knowledge of sexual relations. ‘Softs are species-specific, so the appropriate ‘soft must be chosen. A variety of customs and species ‘softs are available. Note: The soft only provides information, not ability and the user must have the charm skill. [Adds +1 toPersuasion: Seductionattempts.] Cost: 1500 credits.


This is really just a math knowledge chip. It’s useful when you need to do those lightening-fast calculations “in your head.” Rumor has it that the /soft occasionally screws up; like once in 27 years. Not a problem, unless your luck runs out. [Adds +1 to Mechanical or Technical skills where math knowledge is a component of the skill. If a complication occurs, the ‘soft may comp on have glitched the calculation.] Cost: 2500 credits.


HeadCheck is a headware Neuralsoft virus checker program. It can be used in a head-chip version or as a stand-alone unit. The stand-alone unit is usually preferred – why risk putting a polluted virus checker in your head? [Adds +2 to computer programming, Perception, or sensor attempts to discover virus]. Stats for cyber- version shown.


This next item is really a type of knowledgesoft. Any given chip is subject-specific. That is, you don’t learn to find the Brodie HQ bathroom from a Furtherman Corporate-Housing chip.

Large organizations such as the Empire, Corporate Sector, planetary governments, and even corporations like NetWorld and Brodie have thousands of rules and regulations. Infochips are available to keep this information at the disposal of new employees and their bosses (or even any work-for-hire types like friendly mercenaries). Many corporations distribute “employee introduction” chips to their workers to help the newcomers become familiar with corporate policies and culture. These chips are informational in nature, and do not contain sensitive or proprietary information. Infochips will give one or two adds to Intellect-based attempts to “know one’s way around” an unfamiliar organization with modifications based on the situation.

Entertainment ‘softs

If you don’t like the way your life is going, just borrow another one for a while. Of course, these ‘softs are for entertainment purposes only.

‘Entertainment softs are the ultimate escapist passion. Users, commonly referred to as softheads, just plug in their favorite game, sensations or “simulated experiences.” Most major brand productions include a set of buffer commands which the chip sends to the chip reader to damp out physical responses to the chip’s sensory inputs. When active, this buffering action tends to give chip users a dull zoned-out look. All entertainment softs require the user to have an installed neuralsoft chip reader.

The popularity of these ‘softs vary. Some planets expressly forbid them, while on many worlds, they are common entertainment. Gamesofts are popular among those on long-term space or planetary missions. Some worlds even have entire entertainment industries devoted to producing “sensies” in which actors are fitted with sensory-experience recorders which copy the actor’s sensations to chips which can then be produced as an entertainment package. Major Sensie houses edit the ‘softs before production in order to remove any unpleasant sensations, and to augment the ‘softs’ sensory transmission quality. Black or Dark market ‘softs often haven’t been edited, and users of these ‘softs risk exposure to negative sensations as well as an overall poorer recording quality. The Empire forbid theuse of sensies anywhere in their ranks.

Gamesofts usually run from 20 to 100 credits, while major Sensie productions can cost 50 to 200 credits depending on where the ‘soft is- bought. Black and Dark market ‘softs cost whatever the seller can get for them.

lmmersive training

Finally, someone came along and developed the “smart-pill” everyone’s been waiting for. This thing’s a major boon to orgs like CSA that want their people to learn the org’s own brand of “skills-with-a-message.”

For those equipped with a neuralsoft reader, immersive training no longer requires cumbersome sensory-interaction apparatus such as virtual reality goggles or digit-command readers. Now a trainee’s sensory inputs can be controlled via the immersive-training (IT) ‘soft. IT ‘softs are programmed to provide a user with a totally immersive experience in which learned skills can be applied. The ‘soft produces the sensory inputs a person would experience in the programmed environment, and allows the training subject to input responses to that environment. So in the case of aircraft flight training, the trainee experiences the motions, views, and other sensations of being in an aircraft. The trainee’s responses, such as joystick commands, are fed back to the ‘soft. The ‘soft then uses these actions to modify the program, and hence, the sensory experience. ‘Softs have to be attuned to the species of the user. Due to the intensity of the immersive experience, someone exposed to an incorrectly programmed or unmatched ‘soft needs to make a Moderate Willpower check to avoid developing hallucinations or other mental glitches.

The Espos have replaced many of their cockpit and ship-command-center hardware simulator training programs with IT-based programs (although their grunt-busting practices remain the same as before). This has caused significant cost savings, as hardware simulators are expensive to build and maintain. Critics express concern that the fidelity of the IT ‘soft is limited to the perceptions and programming ability of the ‘soft’s programmer, and as such may limit the trainee’s ability to develop insight into handling off-nominal situations.

IT ‘softs can reduce the time it takes to learn a new skill. IT’softs exist for vehicles, battlesuits and powered armor, along with a variety of custom developed technological items.

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