Socorro & Surrounding Locations

Socorro & Surrounding Locations


Socorro… Land of black sands, old values, and deep honor.

If your a smuggler or pirate looking for the cargo that’ll make you rich, or just looking for contacts. Socorro is the place to be. Local manufacturers, and various ‘endeavors’ have just what you need to get back on your feet. From blasters to Raava, you can find almost anything available here. And if your lucky, good, or found worthy… maybe, just maybe… the Black Bha’lir will accept you into their ranks…

Note to Bounty Hunters: Bounty hunting is considered to be one of the single lowest professions available, the only one considered lower is being a slaver. Bounty hunters are ridiculed, vilified, and hated by the inhabitants of Socorro. Those hunters which do choose to set down on Socorro will most likely be taxed to bankruptcy on a planet without taxes. Not to mention any attempt to capture another on Socorro will likely bring the wrath of hundreds of smugglers and pirates down on your head… be warned.


Type: DesertPopulation: 300 million (estimated)
Temperature: HotPlanet Function: Homeworld, service, criminal haven, trade
Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)Government: Organized crime and tribal councils
Hydrosphere: AridTech Level: Space/Stone (in remote areas)
Gravity: StandardMajor Exports: Socorran raava, Corellian whiskey, Zsajhira berries and by-products, high-tech skills, smuggling talent, high-tech
Terrain: Expansive desert swells and flats, mountain ranges, volcanic areasMajor Imports: Foodstuffs, minerals, metals, high technology (usually illegal)
Length of Day: 20 standard hours 
Length of Year: 316 local daysSystem: Socorro
Sapient Species: Human 
Spaceport: Imperial-class (Soco-Jarel), standard (Cjaalysce’I)Star: Sokor (red giant)



Population: 74,000+

Starport: Soco-Jarel (Imperial Class)


Soco-Jarel InfoNet (Landing requests, and general discussion)

Locations of Note:

Abdi-Badawzi’s VillaMarbra Associates
Black Dust TavernSoco-Jarel Spaceport
Boliscon TowersTiringa’s Loft
The Customs StopUhl Doaba’l
Ethra BreweryHojerth’s Parts and Supplies

Other Things of Note: Black Bha’lir

Boliscon Towers

Docking Spaces: 60 levels of docking bays (4 shuttles/light freighters, or 1 bulk transport per bay)

Repair Spaces: 10 levels of repair bays (4 shuttles/light freighters, or 1 bulk transport per pay)

Docking Fees: 1,000-1,550 credits per day (includes a wide variety of services such as pre-scheduled maintenance, repairs, interior and exterior hull cleaning, lodging, as well as transport to and from the city for crewman, pilots, and passengers.)

Repair Fees: Typically 120-140%
of normal costs. (Can handle most any modification or repair.)

Soco-Jarel Spaceport

System: Socorro system, Vakeyya

Spaceport Type: Imperial class

Traffic: High

Control: Controller

Landing: Directional beacon, landing teams

Docking Areas: Docking bays, exterior landing pads

Docking Fees: 30-35 credits per day (prices tend to be much higher inside Boliscon Towers)

Customs: Inspection by local authority

Services: Employment opportunities and contracts, entertainment, food, lodging, repair facilities, storage bays, vehicle sales and rentals


Type: Ice World

Temperature: Frigid

Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)

Gravity: Light

Terrain: Barren glaciers, vast mountain regions, extensive fjords and ice canyons, frozen oceans

Length of Day: 15 standard hours

Length of Year: 754 local days

Sapient Species: Human, Whiphid

Starport: Standard class

Population: 15,000 (estimated)

Planet Function: Entertainment, manufacturing/processing, natural resources (limited), foodstuffs

Government: Organized crime family

Tech Level: Space

Major Exports: Minerals, foodstuffs (Fish), foodstuffs (Meat), contraband, nether ice, water

Major Imports: Foodstuffs, high technology

~Thrugii Asteroid Belt~

Type: Asteroid Belt

Temperature: N/A

Atmosphere: None

Hydrosphere: None

Gravity: None

Terrain: Large asteroids, small asteroids, medium asteroids, asteroids

Length of Day: N/A

Length of year: N/A

Sapient Species: Various

Spaceport: Standard (3 mining bases, numerous mining claims (claims have limited services, usually only a docking port))

Population: 50,000 (estimated)

Government: Organized Crime

Tech Level: Space

Major Exports: Minerals, Metals (Doonium, Turminum, & Quadrillium), Metal Ore, Refined Doonium Ore, Refined Turminum Ore Raw Doonium Ore, Raw Turminum Ore, Raw Ore, Gems, Quadrillium Ore

Major Imports: Foodstuffs