Adventure: Something is in the air

Adventure: Something is in the air

This is a Star Frontiers Idea that I jotted down but never got around to running.  The significance of this adventure would have been rather impactful though.  It connects a wide variety of elements in my universe into one solid story line.


PCs are hired to investigate a local murder in an asteroid field mining facility.  A high profile worker (leader of the labor union) has been murdered and to avoid an uprising, the corporation hires independent help.


The asteroid field house alien storage facilities {anti-Zed weaponry or artifacts connected to the Morad/Reavers}.  The presence of the alien artifact has caused some mutations that have resulted in improvements in productions.

Connecting the Morad/Reavers with the Zed and the Dyson Sphere

  1. Morad Enforcers are enforcing the laws that keep what happened on the Dyson sphere from happening again
  2. Reavers created the Zed as well as the morphing android doppleganger on the ancient warship (pre-Zed)
  3. the Dyson Sphere was created as a monument to the Tetrarchs.

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