Sooni Nubera

Sooni Nubera

Sullustan Pilot, played by Matt H.

After the Mission was over

Remained in the Kathol Sector, serving as Doctor Akenseh’s pilot and scout on Q’Maere, while he worked on freeing the surviving Nuniok Dak Sullustans from their Darkstryder bonds. Once they were cured, he returned to his homeworld to re-establish the Noble Houses.


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  1. Sooni’s Perspective –

    Sabros Nim is a world shrouded in mystery.  The sector, Ord Nanora, was ruled by a fairly moderate Moff, Alanara Maural.  Sooni grew up there under the strict rule of the SoroSuub corporation, who was an allied Corporation with the Empire.  Sooni looks back at it now and realize how close it was to slavery. He could not see it then because Sooni didn’t know there was anything else.  Sooni’s memories of Sabros Nim were dark and foreboding.  After his birth on the SoroSuub Industrial Space Station, he grew up in the Sullustan Nobility, an icon of the naïve aristocracy.

    Sabros Nim was a typical corporate-ravaged world, a frontier world on the edge of Sullustan space.  As time went on, things just got worse.  The particular branch of the SoroSuub Corporation that ruled over this world was called Guunar Raam Industrials, specializing in mining of rare minerals, using less then gentle means.  Sabros Nim was headquarters for the subsidiary and was treated as just another one of mining world, making a profit for themselves and the Empire on the backs of millions of colonists.

    The mines were a fabled place of horror, used in bedtime stories to scare young Sullustans.  They said that many Sullustans got lost in the caves, and went mad.  As Sooni got older, he found out they were more than just stories.  In a quest to break the shell of noble naivete, at a young age, he went to the surface a few times during one summer, and walked among the commoners and miners.  He found out that many miners were disappearing regularly, with no explanation.  Stories of alien abduction, or Imperial conspiracies ran abound.  Complaints were sent to the highest of Nobles, hoping they would have some pull with the corporation, but nothing came of it.

    Sooni confronted the nobles in question, and was laughed at.  His parents, soon after, fell onto hard times after his “little show”.  They lost friends, and weren’t invited to the noble galas and balls any more.  The nobility shunned them.  His father, infuriated by this, decided to look into the matter. He pulled out all the stops to find out why, using every last favor and contact he had.  He never blamed his son, only supported him, and almost believed his stories of the mines.  His father’s search for the truth nearly killed him, and destroyed his part of the Noble House. Near the end of his fruitless quest for the truth, he called on one last favor, one he said was bigger then any one noble house.  He felt he was close to the answers. He said he believed his son and that everything in his stories was nearly true, but missing a few big pieces.  This is when everything fell apart.

    House Nubera was shunned into obscurity, lost in the folds of Sabros Nim politics.  Soon, Sooni’s parents were forced to work in the mines.  He was given to an allied Noble house for care, and stayed on the space station.  They believed Sooni and only Sooni could bring back the honor of  House Nubera.  Not long after his 18th birthday, his parents were reported as missing.  A year later, the planet was torn in a viscous war.  The Imperials invaded, accusing it to be a free port for the Rebel Sullustan, Nien Nunb, and sympathetic to the Rebellion. They bombarded the planets meager defenses, and demanded surrender.  Before the Noble House council could return their agreement to surrender, a bio-weapon was released into the atmosphere.  All on the planet died in a matter of minutes.  Millions of Sullustans, and thousands of Imperial troops.  Moff Alanara was blamed for the disaster, and reprimanded by the Empire.  The New Republic later captured her, and imprisoned her for war crimes.  Sadros Nim was quarantined not long after the incident, and still is.  To this day, it is unclear who released the bio-weapon.

    After the disaster, Sooni signed up with Nien Nunb, and flew in his Rebel fleet for a long period of time, before you stumbled into the Kathol Sector, where you were captured by Sarne.

  2. From: Matt Holmquist
    To: seawolf
    Date: Thursday, November 13, 1997 4:08PM
    Subject: A few things explained.


    On the questions you have asked about you SW game. Sooni’s planet was devastated by the Empire. He would like to see them payed back for it. He would also like to see it rebuilt, with the help of his new found allies in
    the New Republic. He doesn’t know it, but his family was of the nobility of his planet. I don’t know if he is the one in line for the throne or not… but he is definitely not a street rat. He joined the rebellion as soon as he could fly an X-wing. When he was captured and tortured, he thought his life had come to an end. But he was rescued by the Crew of the FarStar and wishes to repay them anyway he can … at least those that he can trust. To this end, he always volunteers for the most dangerous missions. As for the Doctor .. I will need to think about him for a bit. I don’t really need anything to help me ‘get into’ the character. The other on … ‘Pot-Shot’, I don’t see the need for him Rp wise .. He is a capitol ship gunner .. nothing
    else. I don’t see where his need for RP will be. Though if he does need to RP … I wont have much trouble getting ‘in character’. 😉

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