Nowhere Islands, South Island (Caribbean, Earth)

Nowhere Islands, South Island (Caribbean, Earth)

As part of my early adventuring, I used an old Twilight 2000 adventure called Gateway to the Spanish Main as the basis for a Time/Dimensional travel adventure in Star Frontiers, linked to the Stellar Dragon/Jedi campaign plot (time travel possible through the Black Hole dragon).  This is a vague plot and a series of encounter tables I created for a location called La Isla En Ninguna Parte.  

I think this was the island I set up to be the finale and the way home for the characters.  There is a lot of mixed tech here – lasers with classic T2000 weapons.  Unfortunately, I do not have the conversions from T2000 to SF anywhere.  

The South island was the closest the PCs would get to an ally, containing mostly the main operations of the islander defenders. I think I placed these islands somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle to link the time travel events with the “energy nexus” that is the Triangle.

South Nowhere Island

Volcanic Island.  Primary location of the Island Defenders, those resisting the forces of the Admiral.  They have heavily fortified and booby trapped the island.

Daily Encounters 1d10

-1- Invasion! – A small invasion force of patrol robots om a mission to attack and destroy Defender targets on the South island.  (see North Island Patrol Robots).

-2- Wild Dog – 1d10 Group.  Mass: 30 kg.  Mv: 40 m/turn. IM/RS: 6/55.  STA: 50. Att: 75.  DAmage: 3d10 bite or claw.

-3- Armed Defender Patrol – 2d6 Defenders and a HumVee

-4- Punji stick pit trap.  5 m deep, 10 Spikes, 1d10 damage each.  RS check – succeed, 1 spike.  fail, 1d10 spikes.


-5- Spiked Whip Booby Trap.  Tripwire. RS or 4d10 Damage and thrown back into the trees.


-6- Crossbow cross fire booby trap. Tripwire. RS or 2d10 Damage each.  Poison S5/T7.

-7- Night Ambush – (only at night) 2d6 group of Defenders.  Tripwires set off flares which illuminate their location.  Snipers in the trees will shoot at the PCs.

-8- Spike/Snake Pit Trap, 10 meter wide – RS or 1d10 per spike (1d6 spikes).  Poisonous snakes at the bottom as well. Att: 65%, s8/t6

-9- Defender Patrol Camp – 2d6 group with AK-74s.  One time only encounter, first contact with the defenders.

-10- Temple Ruins.  Ruin of Los Muertas (see below)

Ruin of Los Muertas

Ruined Temple

Ground Level: Dark and bug infested.  Statues can be mistaken for people in the dark.  If they cross the entrance, the statues shoot poison darts from head and chest (6 total darts) RS or 1d10 damage. S3/T4.  Hallway leads to the main sanctuary.

Main Floor contains a large partially collapsed sanctuary room with many bleached bones.  Hidden in the far end of the room is a hole in the floor with an old ladder that leads down to the lower levels as well as stairs to the upper level.  This room is trapped, however.  If triggered, superheated gases will fill the room.  Holes along the walls spew forth hot steam to give the PCs a clue it is a trap.  It is trigger by colored tiles at the entrance to the room.

The stairs to the Upper Level lead to the balcony level, which is partially collapsed.  Amongst this rubble, a few artifacts can be found (Gold, Silver, etc.  GM’s discretion.)

The Salvadores – The ladder hidden in the back room leads to the hidden lower natural caverns under the temple.  The tunnels eventually lead to a secret headquarters of a fractional group of Defenders called the Salvadores.  They have been far more aggressive than the Defenders, but as of yet, ineffectual.  The Salvadores have recently  acquired a conventional missile from the wreckage of a US destroyer.  It is currently stored in the lower caverns, set to launch through a wid natural chimney that they are currently working into a launch tube.  The missile also needs work and they are slowly repairing it as they get the needed supplies.  They have yet to reveal the existence of this missile to the other Defenders.

City Ruins

The Defenders –  The remaining ruins of Los Muertas is occupied by the defenders.  Populated primarily by American expatriates, these islands were once tropical getaways and tourist traps.  Now it is home to over 800 armed and capable individuals who are willing to fight for their freedom.  The arrival of the Admiral to the North Island brought the Defenders to their current defensive stance.  The occupation of the north island robbed the Defenders of half their farming land and they want it back.  Those that lived on that island have been chased to the southern island to join the Defenders.

The old US Naval airfield was maintained as a civilian port, however it was the first to be attacked by the Admiral.  Most of the aircraft now are destroyed.  Also, in port was a “commandeered” (by the islanders) military supply freighter, which was also attacked by the Admiral.

The main Defender encampment, laying with the ruins of the ancient city (once a tourist attraction) is made up of various tents and cobbled-together shacks.  The following are various locations in the Defender Base.

Look-out Towers

There are six primary security towers along the base perimeter. Four are positioned on the north side overlooking the jungle canopy and the beach (Tower 1 through 4).  The final towers is on the Southern border (Tower 5-6).   Each are manned with 4 men, armed with M-16 or AK-74s

Tower 1 – M-60 7.62 Machine gun

Tower 2 – M2HB 50 cal  Machine gun

Tower 3 – M214 5.56 Machine gun

Tower 4 – 23 mm autocannon

Tower 5 – Belgian MAG Machine gun

Tower 6 – MG3 7.62 Machine gun

Perimeter Emplacements

The entire perimeter is fortified trench just outside a camouflaged barbed fence.  Along the tench are dozens of hidden gun emplacements covered by 2 Defender snipers every day.  A intricate tunnel system allows them access to inside the fence.  The tunnels are set with charges in case of perimeter breach.

Main Gate

A diesel bulldozer acts as the main gate to the game.  A M2HB 50 cal is mounted on the bulldozer.

Rear Gate

An old school bus, reinforced with armor plating acts as the rear game.  With the bus are several gun positions and atop it is a TOW missile launcher.

Main Ops

A large tend on the Southern side of the Ruin is home to the command and control of the Defenders operations. They simply want to survive through the occupation of the Admiral ain hopes that he will eventually leave.  Inside are various maps, tables, reports, a single M60 gun position, ammo boxes and some communication equipment. Defenders go in and out, and during the day, the Commander can be found here if not out on a mission.   The Commander – Martin Livingston – lives in a tent adjacent to Main Ops.

Medical Tents

Adjacent to one of the more sturdier ruined buildings are the medical tents.  Supplies are kept locked up inside the stone ruins.  There are 12 tends and 6 doctors that man then round the clock.

Town Center

Disabled M1A2 Abrams sits in the center of town, with its fully operational 105 mm gun pointed at any direction, for indirect fire support.  The towers can act as spotters for the operators.  There are about 100 rounds for the cannon.


Several ramshackle tents and shacks have been built to act is general population housing.  Whole families live out their lives here.  Underneath these barracks are tunnels that lead to an underground cavern in which is stored fresh water and supplies.  In case of attack, the non-combatants are sent to the cavern.

Prisoner Hold

Several ruined building have been fortified and reinforced to act as a makeshift prisoner hold.  If the PCs are captured, they are taken here.  They will find that Corporal Hix of the Alpha Dogs is also captured.


Lt. Colonel “Commander” Martin Livingston

RW 80. M 70. STA 50. RS/IM 60/6. PS 5. Weapons: M16 Assault Rifle w/ M203 grenade launcher.  Thermite Grenades (x4)

26 year old man who was voted in as leader because of his activate military status.  In truth, he washed up on shore after deserting his unit in Puerto Rico.

Sergeant Jona “Drill” Drivia

RW 70. M 65. STA 55. RS/IM 55/6. PS 7. Weapons: M249 Machine Gun.  Frag Grenades (x5)

42 Year old Navy veteran.  Supports the Commander unquestioningly.

Linda Dalickerson, Civilian Governor

RW 50. M 45. STA 45. RS/IM 75/7. PS 5. Weapons: Uzi 9mm SMG.  Concussion Grenades (x2).  Hunting knife

Defense Fighter

RW 65. M 70. STA 45. RS/IM 60/6. PS 4. Weapons: Random Weapons Chart #1

Billy “Hawk” Deanason, Flight Commander, Defender Councilman.

RW 60. M 65. STA 55. RS/IM 75/7. PS 5. Weapons: 45 Pistol,  Hunting knife

Hawk used to operate a cargo plane out of the airfield that was destroyed.  Hawk has knowledge of what happened during the events of the PCs arrival.  He says that it was not the first time the strange storms fell over the islands.  It happened a few months ago over the North island when the Admiral arrived.  He associates it with the Bermuda Triangle.

The Airfield

The field is all but destroyed.  The hangars are burned out, the control tower and attached buildings are burned out and collapsed, and the planes are unflyable.  Some weapons and supplies can be salvaged if anyone is willing to challenge the robot sentries placed by the Admiral.

Hidden within the ruins of the airfield are the following:

5 Sidewinder missiles, 2 fully functional jet engine systems, full cockpit assembly, 30 gallons of aviation fuel contained in a disabled truck, 12 light armor piercing attack missiles, one VTOL engine for a Harrier, one heavy service crane.


On the north most tip of the island, overlooking the channel between the two islands is an old light house.  Home to a Defender ally, Seamus Flanagan, he acts as a forward watch for the Defenders.  Armed with an M60 and 60mm mortars, the old Irishman holds his own in the Lighthouse.

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