Physical Description

The S’saran are a reptillian race, resembling a cross between a terrestrial komodo dragons and a terrestrial gila monster. They are blackish green in color, with visible scales, and no fur. They developed from a larger killer omnivore.

Average Size: 2.2 m
Average Mass: 200 kg
Average Life-span: 220 yrs
Reproduction: Heterosexual, viviparous
Body Temp: 34 degrees C

Historical Details

Evolving from a reptilian Child Race, it is suspected that the S’saran may be related to the Saurians in some way, but only very distantly.

The S’saran hoemworld was rendered uninhabitable during the Expansion Wars. They established a new homeworld after peace was declared and the Dominion was established. Their new homeworld is called Skaran. It is a human normal world, with 1.1 G-gravity, and a little warmer than human norm. It is predominantly swampy world.

The S’saran are one the Big Four races of the Dominion, and considered one of the oldest races of the region. Like the other Big Four species, they have a permanent representative in the Supreme Directorate. The other three species delegates give the S’saran great respect, and their opinion is sometimes given more credence than the others. They are given great respect with in the Directorate.


The S’saran have an acute sense of small, and night vision.

Speech and Languages

There are three major living S’saran languages:

  1. Quolos – the language used among the “honored ones” – friends
  2. Kali’Nar – the language used among family.
  3. Alatura. – the religious language. No non-S’saran is allowed to use or learn this language.


The S’saran are a lazy race. They respect laid back attitudes, but also responsibility. If it is not their responsibility, they believe someone else can do it. But if it is their responsibility, they will execute it excellently.

The S’saran do not like the Vrusks because they look so muck like what their primitive ancestors used to eat. The S’saran get along with all the other races, especially the reptilian ones (although the S’saran are mammalian) fine.

S’saran have a strong philosophy of balance. Everything should be in balance, and they believe in a in a concept similar to kharma. From this sense of balance comes a honor ocde that requires the S’saran to always balance out their actions. Not all S’saran adhere to this honor code absolutely. Most try to at least balance out the major things. Balan cing usually means accompanying a bad deed witha good deed. The S’saran have a strong sense of right and wrong. A species depedent on balance would have to.

Social Structure and Standards

S’saran homeworld and it’s colonies are predominantly republican democracies with a strong influence from the Church. There are variations from colony to colony, but most all have a strong tie to the Church.

The S’saran society is dominated but a religious orginization called the Church of Balance. It resembles, in many way, the old terrestrial Catholic church, with confessionals and large cathedrals. Devout S’saran on a regular basis, present their actions to the Church, and to get advice on how to balance things out. The Church on the other hand, is rather heavy handed at times on those that are not as devout. The Church of Balance have their own small inqusitor force, sanctioned by the S’saran government, to enforce the Church will.


S’Saran have three names. One name their parents and family call them, one any non-S’saran uses, and the “secret name”. No S’saran will allow any non-S’saran to learn his “secret name”. This is tied into their balance philosphy, in that they have identity with the three aspects of their lives; the honored friends, the close loved ones, and the sprirtual.

Racial Abilities

Scale Armor – 8 points of natural armor to both impact and energy.

Retractable Fangs– The S’saran can cause extra damage, when biting, by inserting his retractable fangs into a victim. DMG: (PS+(STR/10)}

Poison Resistance– All S’saran are immune to poison. They know when they have been poisoned, because their body recognizes it.

Claws: +5 points to PS when attacking with a scratch.

Tail Attack: Weapons:Martial Arts (Tail Attack) Level [1d3]. In the case when a PC’s Weapons: Martial Arts is higher than the Tail Attack Martial Arts, use the higher value in a tail attack. DMG: +6+PS