Ramsey “Rams” Dramius

Ramsey “Rams” Dramius

Star Law Criminal Profile


Ramsey “Rams” Dramius


Gregory Colus, Argrey Amius, Draci Maladikius, Allistair McClery, Black Cloud

Charges: As of 174 FY.

217 recorded offenses of Smuggling Contraband, 312 recorded offenses of Drug Smuggling and sales, 20 accounts of Accessory to Murder (suspected), 1012 accounts of Accessory to Conspiracy (suspected), Federation Tax evasion, operation of an Unlicensed Freighter (The Blockade-Buster Class Cargo Transport Centurion.), 82 known violations of the Intergalactic Noninterference Laws. 112 other suspected violations of the same Law. 1209 recorded accounts of assault on an Allied Law officer. Other individual Sectorial offenses (refer to Star Law Records./.Sectorial Security Files./. #10199 through ./.#89102).

Known History:

Born Gregory Ramsey Dramius-Colus, to a Frontier family on Prenglar, the Dramius-Colus family were a prominent governmental family, highly involved in the Council of Worlds. He grew up in a rich, high-profile atmosphere, son of diplomats.

He left home to study in the University of Kreshall, Human sovereignty university in the Feredidus sector. He studied as a star ship engineer and excelled in many physical athletics, including several levels in intercollegiate martial arts. He was especially adept at the Yazirian Kylol style of combat. He suddenly left the university after loosing the championship to disappear, only seen intermittently on the far edge of Human sovereignty space, among the Farstat colonies. (It should be noted that the Farstat revolution did occur during his apparent stay there.)

It is projected that this is when Dramius acquired a ship and began his smuggling efforts across Allied space. He developed a strong network of friends and enemies, primarily smuggling illegal performance and enhancement drugs, and arms to many dissident terrorist groups and rebel alliances. He has strong ties in the Pirate Alliance, and the Black Market. In some places, he is the primary source of arms to terrorist groups. Despite this, he is very illusive, with no explanation how or why he is so protected.


Known Facts & Rumors:

Close friends call him Rams; associates call him Dramius; enemies call him the Black Cloud. His reputation as a loner stems from the fact that many of his partners were killed during the partnership. Not many mercs or smugglers will work for him. It is rumored that he has recently acquired a warbot that he is constantly upgrading and modifying as a body guard and partner.

He is also very adept at upgrading and upkeeping his ship, as well as piloting it. It is a one pilot craft, armed well, with limited cargo space, although it is suspected that Dramius has modified his ship to hold more than it is designed for. A rumor found in one Dominion of Sovereignties sector said that he had loose connections with a highly advanced technology, and uses some of their technology to accomplish this feat.

He is known to be a highly skilled technician and tactician, rumored to specialize in first contact smuggling, which is a violation of the Noninterference Law.

He has been known to use several aliases to get lodgings and supplies. Some are known as listed above, other are not. He has paid many Netrix CyberTracers to cover his tracks in many cases.

He is always armed. He has fired on Star Law officers, and is considered dangerous. There are no accounts of him actually killing anyone, but it is rumored that with his abilities in the Yazirian Kylol technique, he is a very able and discreet assassin.


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